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  • CORBA Explained Simply - A concise book for people who want a technical understanding component frameworks of the concepts and terminology of CORBA without learning the component frameworks low-level details. (Ciaran McHale)
  • Pure Corba - A code-intensive reference for professional developers. It focuses corba on the corba core specification for CORBA 3. (Fintan corba Bolton)
  • The CORBA Reference Guide: Understanding the Common Object-Request Broker Architecture - Explains the base architecture as well as the services and facilities that extend this architecture. (Alan Pope)
  • MICO: An Open Source Corba Implementation - Shows how to build and manage CORBA applications books using MICO, corba and includes a CD with compiled books binaries for various platforms corba along with the complete books source code. (Arno Puder and Kay corba Römer)
  • IIOP Complete: Understanding CORBA and Middleware Interoperability - Covers IIOP specifics including CDR, HTTP-NG message protocol books patterns, message stream patterns, and object adapter patterns. books (William Ruh, Thomas Herron and Paul Klinker)
  • CORBA 3 Fundamentals and Programming - Overview of CORBA, including all of the features added with books details of the Object Management Architecture\\'s CORBAservices and CORBAfacilities, including books specifications in the CORBAdomains. (Jon Siegel)
  • Java Programming with CORBA - A complete guide to building powerful business applications in Java corba using CORBA-based distributed objects. Includes "A First Java ORB Application" corba sample chapter. (Gerald Brose, Andreas Vogel and Keith Duddy)
  • Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ - Provides designers and developers with the tools required to understand books CORBA technology at the architectural, design, and source code levels. books Includes free IDL-to-C++ mapping and DynAny chapters. (Michi Henning and books Steve Vinoski)

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