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  • Sankhya Technologies - Provides programming and CORBA middleware tools and services.
  • ZeroC - ZeroC\\'s core product is Ice, the Internet Communications Engine. Ice corba is one of the most versatile and powerful object middleware corba platforms. Ice also serves as ZeroC\\'s base product for future corba Web service offerings and other specialized communications solut
  • LogOn Technology Transfer - A company focused on the object technology and corba the Internet corba markets. LogOn officially represents the corba Object Management Group (OMG) corba in Continental Europe.
  • PrismTech - CORBA software specialist including Java ORB, C++ ORB, component frameworks CORBA Services (Notification Service, Naming Service, Trading Service, component frameworks Log Service, Time Service) and CORBA / JMS component frameworks Messaging integration.
  • IONA - An e-business platform provider for Total Business Integration. corba Products include corba iPortal Application Server and Orbix 2000.
  • Object Computing, Inc (OCI) - Specializing in Distributed Object software systems, providing consulting, companies product development, and training and educational services in companies Systems Architecture, OOAD, Java, XML, C++, ACE, CORBA companies (TAO and JacORB).
  • Objective Interface Systems, Inc. - Makers of ORBexpress for C++ and Ada. An ORB for High Performance, Real-Time and Embedded Systems.
  • Apasphere - A software consultancy company specialising in the following companies areas: distributed companies application design using web services and companies CORBA; rapid application development companies using Python and related companies technologies; commercial support of omniORB.

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