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  • K2 Component Server - IIOP based robust, scalable, and reliable Component Application Server consisting of InformationBROKER, ProcessBROKER, MessageBROKER, TraderAGENTS, and ManagementBROKER.
  • CORBA Utilities - Simple-to-use utilities that dramatically simplify the development and corba deployment of CORBA applications.
  • SOAP to CORBA Bridge - Generic bridge based on ORBacus. [Open Source, GPL] corba (LifeLine Networks)
  • J-Integra Espresso - An interoperability tool that enables developers to integrate .NET with corba Java- and CORBA-based systems without having to change existing appilcations.
  • Web CorbaScript (WCS) - A CGI processor for CorbaScript that runs under component frameworks Apache, and other HTTP servers. [Open source, GPL]
  • OpenCCM - Open CORBA Component Model Platform is the first tools public available Open Source implementation of the Object tools Management Group\'s CORBA Component Model.
  • CORBA Support for Autoconf - Adds support for several ORBs (ORBacus, TAO, omniORB) tools to autoconf.
  • CorbaTrace - A helpful tool for tracing communications between CORBA corba objects. Remote tools calls are intercepted and all information corba is stored in XML tools log files.
  • GradSoft: ModCBroker - An Apache module for the integration of CORBA tools applications into component frameworks Web application by translating HTTP requests tools to CORBA and vica component frameworks versa.
  • CORVAL2 - A European Commission funded initiative to developed enhanced tools and test techniques for testing CORBA ORB implementations and applications.
  • Mod_Corba - A plug-in module for the Apache web server, component frameworks it exposes the Apache "module" API via CORBA. component frameworks With this, any object in any language on component frameworks any system can be used as a plugin component frameworks module for an Apache web server, without recompiling component frameworks or restarting the server.

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