XPCOM Component Frameworks Programming

XPCOM, a lightweight cross platform COM work-alike, is the foundation for modularity in Mozilla, but it can also be used stand-alone.

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Editor's Picks:

XPCOM* - Mozilla's cross-platform component object model.

  • XPCOM, Part 4 - Covers component authoring by using a GPS receiver programming as an xpcom example component.
  • XPConnect - Javascript language bindings. It allows Javascript objects to xpcom transparently access and manipulate XPCOM objects and also xpcom enables Javascript objects to implement XPCOM compliant interfaces.
  • Evaluation of Interprocess Communication Methods in a Component-based Environment - This thesis evaluates several of the available techniques for interprocess programming communications (IPC) in a prototype system for distributed components using programming XPCOM as the basis. It also takes into consideration marshalling, programming the transfer of complex data structure
  • XPCOM, Part 5 - Puts the final touches on the example XPCOM component frameworks implementation, programming shows how to install the component, and component frameworks demonstrates simple programming testing methods using XPCShell.
  • XPCOM, Part 2 - Introduction to XPCOM programming: type libraries, the xpidl component frameworks compiler, programming and interface discovery.
  • Getting Started with PyXPCOM, Part 1 - Covers the installation of XPCOM and PyXPCOM.
  • Mozilla XPCOM Reference - Computer generated reference of Mozilla components and interfaces.
  • Getting Started with PyXPCOM, Part 2 - Explains how to access Mozilla objects as a client.
  • PyXPCOM - Python language bindings. (ActiveState)
  • BlackConnect - Java-to-XPCOM bridge that allows interoperability between Java and XPCOM components.
  • rbXPCOM - Ruby language bindings. Ruby is an object oriented programming scripting language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto.
  • MySQL XPCOM - An XPCOM/XPConnect implementation of mysqlclient API 3.x. The programming goal of programming the project is to provide solid programming and full mysqlclient interface programming for JavaScript applications. [Open programming Source, LGPL]
  • XPCOM, Part 3 - Building the XPCOM development environment.
  • plXPCOM - Perl language bindings. Allows the use of XPCOM programming objects from xpcom Perl, as well as the ability programming to implement XPCOM interfaces xpcom in Perl. (Jumpline.com, Inc.)
  • XPCOM Component Viewer - Allows to navigate through the components and interfaces included in a Mozilla based browser.
  • XPCOM, Part 1 - Introduction to XPCOM, Mozilla's component architecture.
  • Xanthes - XPCOM wrapper around the Xerces validating xml parser. component frameworks [Open Source, MPL, GPL]

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