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Resume. Game, Artificial Intelligence projects. Real time software rendered computer graphic and demo effects. Screen shots, free samples and downloads.

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See Also:
  • Codito, Ergo Sum - Graphics programming tutorials, source code and free downloads.
  • Doucette, Jason - Resume. Game, Artificial Intelligence projects. Real time software personal pages rendered computer graphic and demo effects. Screen shots, personal pages free samples and downloads.
  • Klosiewicz, Przemek - SweetSheep Homepage - About. Graphics programming, Mandelbrot - Julia set explorer, RayMax - Raytracer, OpenGL. Photos.
  • Forbes, Kevin - Research info, downloadable graphics/vision source code, and personal programming home page.
  • Harris, Kevin R. - CodeSampler - Several introductory OpenGL and Diretc3D samples, with many written in programming both for comparison. More advanced samples emphasis vertex and pixel programming shader development using nVIDIA\'s new Cg language.
  • Spontz Scene Group - A group of computer-enthusiasts oriented to audiovisual production programming using low programming level and realtime techniques such as programming OpenGL or 3dfx mainly programming with Macintosh, Windows, Linux programming and BeOS.
  • CG References and Tutorials by Malcolm Kesson - A collection of reference and tutorial pages relating to RenderMan, personal pages Maya/mel, Pixar slim, Houdini, Tcl, Shake scripting and C. Also personal pages provides a free text editor for Linux, Win and OSX.
  • Pentayya, Krishna - K Zone - Repository of 3D models. VRML tutorial. Algorithms, projects and papers.
  • Roel z'n Boel - Homepage, hosting personal projects related to programming in personal pages C++ and computer graphics (raytracing and real-time).
  • Strulovitz, Nir - Ports (="translations") of Denthor\\'s classic graphics programming tutorial personal pages for graphics 32-bit compilers: Free Pascal, Virtual Pascal, OpenWatcom personal pages C, Gnu graphics Djgpp C. Snapshots taken from Windows personal pages and DOS animation graphics graphics demos.
  • Mizanin, Marek - Zanir - 3D graphic programs using OpenGL or Direct3D with source code graphics (C++).
  • Gruaz, Raphael - Offers CV, projects (DirectX, Vertex Shader, Raytracing, C++, Java, Web), information on travels, and photos.
  • Elias, Hugo - In-depth computer graphics programming articles and examples. Reviews of graphics/programming and other books. Links.
  • Bujnak, Martin - Computer graphics, realtime 3D engines with dynamic elements like lights programming and shadows.
  • James, Grant - Zeus CMD - Tutorials on C++, Java, Photoshop, 3DMax, Visual Basic.NET, personal pages HTML.
  • Boissard, Eric - Real-time ocean waves rendering - Real-time deep-ocean waves simulation. Rendering using vertex and pixels shaders. Portfolio.
  • Saeed - About. Gallery custom programs and 3DS MAX generated programming 3D graphics.

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