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This site will help to get started with Web services and service-oriented architectures. It features free articles and product listings related to service-oriented architectures.

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  • Web Services Architecture Overview - Presents an overview of IBM Web Services architecture, web services including what Web Services are, the fundamental characteristics web services of a Web Services architecture and the benefits web services of this approach. By IBM Web Services Architecture web services Team.
  • A Web Services Primer - High level introduction to SOAP, UDDI, WSDL. Demonstrates how these technologies fit together to provide a basis for web services and how they compare to older middleware such as CORBA, RMI, and COM.
  • Thomas Erl's WS-Standards - A collection of tutorials that provides a well-rounded introduction to the core set of WS-* standards that constitute a second-generation Web Services platform.
  • Thomas Erl's Web Services Glossary - A W3C compliant glossary providing plain English definitions for commonly faqs, help, and tutorials used Web Services terms. Examples and links to W3C specifications faqs, help, and tutorials are also provided.
  • Web Service Tutorial - Weblogic 8.1 Web Services examples, and tutorial articles for beginners.
  • Oncoming Wave with Web Services - An article explains the standards, protocols and development faqs, help, and tutorials tools of web services.
  • Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures - This site will help to get started with service-oriented architecture Web web services services and service-oriented architectures. It features free service-oriented architecture articles and web services product listings related to service-oriented architectures.
  • Formal Tools for Securing Web Services - The goal of the Samoa Project is to exploit recent service-oriented architecture theoretical advances in the analysis of security protocols in the service-oriented architecture practical setting of XML web services. Includes tutorials, latest developments service-oriented architecture and tools.
  • Calling Webservices from ASP.NET: Example Google Web Service - Describe how to call webservices in ASP.NET and service-oriented architecture provide web services the Google Search web service as an service-oriented architecture example.
  • J2EE Web Services Presentation - Presentation given to the TriJUG Java user\\'s group web services in web services Jan. 2004 on the J2EE APIs related web services to Web web services services.
  • A SOAP Web Service for the RCX - Guide for several programming languages on how to web services write service-oriented architecture a SOAP client to consume a JWSDP web services web service service-oriented architecture interfacing a RCX brick. JAX-RPC serialization, web services handler, and complex service-oriented architecture types are covered.

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