Implementations Web Services Service-Oriented Architecture Internet

A runtime environment as well as demo/examples to design and execute web-service applications to find one another and collaborate in business transactions.

    Top: Computers: Programming: Internet: Service-Oriented Architecture: Web Services: Implementations

  • Virtual Private XML Messaging for Web Services - Provide secure and reliable messaging framework for Web implementations services.
  • Webswell Inc. - Provides integration of software applications by using web implementations services and ebXML.
  • Apache Axis - Java platform for creating and deploying web services applications.
  • IBM - Web Services Toolkit - A runtime environment as well as demo/examples to service-oriented architecture design service-oriented architecture and execute web-service applications to find one service-oriented architecture another and service-oriented architecture collaborate in business transactions.
  • Sun - Java Web Services Developer Pack - Provides standard implementations of existing key Web services web services standards web services for Java including WSDL, SOAP, ebXML, and web services UDDI.
  • NextAxiom Technology, Inc. - Provider of application development solutions based on assembling service-oriented architecture Web web services services into composite services without coding. service-oriented architecture Solutions are web services used in application integration and business service-oriented architecture process orchestration.
  • BEA Weblogic Server - Incorporates Web services utilities and run-time services for integrating applications. service-oriented architecture WebLogic Server supports generation of Web service-oriented architecture services interfaces (WSDL) and provides facilities for marshalling and un-marshalling service-oriented architecture SOAP requests to EJB components.

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