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Site generates Delphi 5 and 6 Object Oriented Datababase Classes for free. The classes are sent as email attachments in response to the submission of a schema.

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  • Designer Plus - A freeware expert for Delphi IDE. It allows you to work with controls on forms, that is to change positions, size, TabOrder properties in most cases only with a help of hot keys without using a mouse.
  • Eureka exception log - A tool that perfectly integrates with Delphi IDE, delphi allowing to delphi compile projects and packages (included DLLs) delphi able to intercept any delphi type of exception, to delphi create a list of jumps made delphi in it delphi before producing the error (unit names and line delphi delphi numbers) and to store
  • EPocalipse Software - Specializes in source control add-ins for Delphi and languages C++Builder.
  • Delphi OODBMS class generator - Site generates Delphi 5 and 6 Object Oriented add-ons Datababase Classes delphi for free. The classes are sent add-ons as email attachments in delphi response to the submission add-ons of a schema.
  • NSELib - The Namespace Extension Library - An easy wizard generates your Windows Explorer namespace add-ons extension for delphi you, which is easily extensible. Available add-ons for Delphi 6 and delphi 7 and Visual C++. add-ons [Shareware]
  • Form Extractor - From Zexer Research. It allows you to extract languages forms and delphi data modules (.dfm files) from executables languages compiled with 32-bit versions delphi of Delphi or C++ languages Builder.
  • ProDelphi - Source code profiler - ProDelphi is a source code profiler. It add-ons measures you delphi the CPU time consumed by the add-ons procedures of your program. delphi The measurement is done add-ons on the basis of CPU cycles.
  • Titan Web Site - Titan Database Drivers
  • HALLoGRAM - More than 200 products for Delphi developers.
  • Add-in Express VCL Edition - A visual tool for creating COM add-ins, Smart languages Tags and delphi RTD Servers for Microsoft Office Family languages applications in Delphi. Also delphi exist Visual Studio .NET languages edition.
  • GExperts For Delphi and C++ Builder - GExperts is an IDE add-in for Delphi that add-ons adds over delphi fifteen different experts to Delphi. [Freeware]
  • Allround Automations Products - This company sell a Oracle interface, which skips add-ons the BDE add-ons and also a PL/SQL editor.

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