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15 Seconds : FAQ Section* - The 15 Seconds web site is a free resource for developers working with Microsoft Internet Solutions. Good general reference. Delphi programmers will find ISAPI and _ASP servers examples for delphi.
The ISAPI Developer's Site* - C++ and Delphi ISAPI code. Solid reference material.

  • tips - General tips page includes IIS and Internet advice.
  • Delphi Page for Internet - Delphi Page for all kind of Internet programming delphi examples. E.g. ISAPI, MIDAS, ClientSocket and Serversocket
  • Defined Systems - Virtual web hosting for Borland developers. Hosting ISAPI, isapi and cgi CGI and TCP/IP socket applications in addition to isapi and cgi all standard services such as http, ftp, and isapi and cgi mail.
  • Dr Bob's Delphi Internet Solutions - This on-line book contains information on HTML, CGI, ISAPI isapi and cgi (and IntraBob), Web Modules, WinINET, FTP, ActiveX and ActiveForms isapi and cgi to implement Delphi Internet Solutions.
  • WebHub - A complete development environment for building web applications.

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