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Some tutorials/projects on editing the Windows registry with Delphi, interface design, client-server models, and author's programmes. Also mathematics, writings, music sections.

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  • Muller, Thomas - A collection of articles on Delphi techniques, some personal pages programs for download. Some articles only in German personal pages language.
  • Carlos Barbosa's Homepage - Carlos Barbosa Homepage mainly dedicated to Borland Delphi personal pages with languages several freeware and shareware components
  • Richards, Coenie - BlueDrop - Mix of open source and freeware applications written languages in Delphi, delphi includes Kitty Remote a Winamp plugin, languages source code control system delphi and card games.
  • Kochini's Jump Center - Delphi components, programs, units with sources including delphi DelphiMania unit, delphi and Delphi crossword and crossword components. delphi Georgian beer page. Zoom3D delphi (3D modeling, visualization, animation, delphi software design) section.
  • Free Delphi Programs - Free Delphi source code and programs for Internet, personal pages database, personal pages HTML generation, RSR232 communication, terminal emulator, graphics, personal pages data conversion, personal pages help file making. Also Transport Tycoon personal pages and Motion Control personal pages sections.
  • My Delphi Page - Free components, games with sources.
  • Era Soluzioni - Delphi components with source and free application for delphi XML editing, personal pages database comparison and schema update.
  • Bill, Anton - Delphi programs with source. Also hobbies (music, computers), delphi remarks.
  • Colibri, John - - Papers, source code projects, training services for the Delphi developers. delphi The delphi code of the 23 samples in the Gang delphi Of Four book "Design Patterns".
  • David Mayne - Free Delphi and C++ code including CardTable class/unit enabling the easy and quick creation of card games.
  • Oros, George - Software with sources. MathDraw images, Murphy\\'s Laws (Romanian languages language, quotes languages (Romanian and English) and links.
  • Molyuk, Andrew - @ndrew's Public Pages - Information on a assortment of topics of interest delphi to author personal pages ranging from programming languages to development delphi process management. Delphi components, personal pages including TDistractor, TVSSExplorer, TWebForm.
  • Delphi programs (freeware w/ source) - Small utilities and applications developed using Delphi. Freeware personal pages with sources.
  • Icecube's Keep - Some tutorials/projects on editing the Windows registry with Delphi, interface languages design, client-server models, and author\\'s programmes. Also mathematics, writings, languages music sections.
  • Paul Software - Delphi programming, tips, tutorials, source codes, programs. About.
  • Cantu, Marco - Author books: Mastering Delphi 6, Essential Pascal (free), personal pages delphi Essential Delphi (free). Site have sources, personal pages table of delphi contents from its). Also articles.
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  • Ben Ziegler's Delphi Page - Free Delphi source code and components.
  • Chad's Kudzu World - Delpgi and C++ Builder articles, components, links, CGI delphi scripts, miscellaneous laptop information, list of author published delphi articles, web utilities.
  • Hute37 Delphi Corner - Delphi interfaces code samples, Emacs, and other stuff (IDLWAVE).
  • Albrecht, Charles - Delphi programs. Home of Back Door Guard ( languages the anit-hacker delphi program )

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