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Raport generation components.

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See Also:
  • FastReport - A reporting tool component that includes report engine, components design, and preview functions. Written completely in Object components Pascal and can be installed in Delphi 2-5 components and C++Builder 1-5. [Shareware]
  • PrintDAT! - Component can create a Delphi report by printing your components grid. It takes only 2 mouse clicks and 1 line components of code.
  • VisPDF - A VCL component that provides the ability to delphi create PDF documents. Does not use any DLL delphi or other software to create PDF files like delphi reports and PDF books.
  • SMReport Designer - End-users powerful tool for the creation of reports, reporting lists, labels, reporting forms. reporting SMReport Designer and SMReport reporting Autogenerated. Also: SMExport, reporting SMImport, SMComponent library, daily tips, articles, reporting and sources.
  • AfalinaSoft XL Report - Full-featured template-based reports with practically no coding. Effective Microsoft Excel components integration. [Freeware and shareware versions]

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