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colorForth is the latest version of the Forth programming language by Forth's creator and inventor, Charles Moore (chipchuck): extremely minimal, tiny, and fast, with simplified syntax based on color (text traits can be changed to others for the color-blind) to omit some words and typing. Has a custom keyboard configurer and editor to save even more keystrokes. Forms the base of a potent, free VLSI design tool. The official way to spell and capitalize this language, according to its creator's website, is as one word: "colorForth", not the common variants "ColorForth" or "Color Forth".

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Chuck Moore's colorForth* - Home site of creator and inventor of Forth, and a new incarnation of Forth with simplified color-based syntax, improved performance. Stand-alone x86 version. Forth articles, multiprocessors, VLSI design tool. [Open Source, public domain]

  • John's colorForth Page - Windows downloads, Paul Graham\\'s Accumulator Generator, colorForth to implementations HTML Converter, forth links.
  • Modest Proposals - Terry Loveall writings and downloads (DOS, colorForth w/MASM implementations source) under colorforth \\'Minimalist Programming\\' heading, and some other implementations non-Forth links. Several colorForth colorforth links.
  • Flux - Experimental colorForth written for Pentium PCs with SVGA video card; implementations from Sean Pringle \\'The State of Flux\\' website. Runs as implementations a shell for Enth with the capacity of a stand implementations alone system. Flux compiler gives slightly faster code than Enth\\'s implementations usual Forth style
  • colorForth Source for - Screenshots of 2.0 color blocks in HTML at forth
  • Introducing colorForth - Brief notice, and far longer forum discussion that followed, mostly a general Forth discussion and information exchange. []
  • colorForth Page - At Creative Chips GmbH ASIC microelectronics: proposal for displaying colorForth implementations sources in HTML and ASCII; handling floppy images with bput, implementations bget (Linux only); attempts to play .wav files; interrupts in implementations protected mode. By Bernd Beuster.
  • - Descriptions, tutorial, screenshots, links; by Ray St. Marie.
  • colorForth Mail List Archive - Traffic since 20 Mar 2001.
  • Chuck Moore Holds Forth - Moore\\'s responses, and further interview, again, diverse opinions, colorforth very informative. [Slashdot]
  • Ask Chuck Moore about 25X, Forth and So on - Interview, with the normal great diversity of opinion, forth some of it very informative, some quite heated. forth [Slashdot]
  • colorForth - Growing article, with links to many related topics. forth Wikipedia.

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