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This category is for Haskell libraries.

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See Also:
  • Gtk2Hs - A GUI library for Haskell based on Gtk+. libraries [Open source, libraries LGPL]
  • Java VM Bridge - A bridge to the Java virtual machine via libraries JNI for haskell Haskell. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • HGL Graphics Library - A portable graphics library for both X11 and Win32. [Open libraries Source, BSD-like]
  • Regular expressions in Haskell - Native Haskell implementation of polymorphic regular expressions. The haskell regexps contains languages most of the features found in haskell Perl.
  • A Compiler Toolkit in Haskell - A set of modules for creating compilers in languages Haskell. [Open haskell Source, GPL]
  • QtHaskell - Haskell bindings for the Qt Widget Library from Trolltech AS.
  • HaSQL Project - An ODBC interface to Haskell implemented using Green languages Card.
  • Gtk+Haskell - Bindings for GTK+ for Haskell.
  • Fudgets - Graphical User Interface toolkit for Haskell and X languages Window system. [Free non-commercial use]
  • MySQL-HS - An interface to the database MySQL for the programming language libraries Haskell. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • TclHaskell - Useful for building graphical user interfaces through the Tcl/Tk. [Open languages Source, BSD-like]
  • Haggis - Multi-threaded, concurrent user interface framework for Haskell, X libraries Window.
  • HOpenGL - An OpenGL/GLUT binding for Haskell. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • FranTk - A high level library for building GUIs in haskell Haskell. It provides good support for developing complex haskell dynamic systems, and is built on top of haskell Tcl/Tk. [Open Source, BSD-like]

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