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  • JArtifex - A framework for generating and developing database applications xml through XML databases and persistence files.
  • DataDirect XQuery - An embeddable software product based on the XQuery and XQJ standards that enables Java developers to access both relational and XML data sources using a single XQuery query.
  • Infonyte GmbH - The Infonyte product suite stores, queries, and processes native XML without bothering about limited main memory and processing capabilities. It is W3C DOM compliant and requires only a Java Virtual Machine. [Commercial]
  • JSX - Serializes Java objects to and from XML, with no class xml modifications needed - works automatically for all objects. It xml reverse engineers the Java standard for serialization, and uses it xml when needed. requires JDK1.2 or higher. [JSX1 is GPL; JSX2 xml is commerc
  • XML-DBMS - Java packages for transferring data between XML documents and relational java databases. [Open Source, Public Domain]
  • X-Hive/DB - XML Database in form of a Java-based persistent java DOM implementation. databases and persistence [Commercial]
  • JET Code Generator - Java database access code generator based on XML xml and XSLT. databases and persistence It includes a example complete xml with Ant build scripts.
  • eXist - A native XML database featuring index-based XPath query databases and persistence processing, extensions for keyword search and XUpdate support. databases and persistence [Open Source, LGPL]

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