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100% Java Content Management. The Polopoly system is developed for rapid publishing, management and distribution of content in any number of digital channels.

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  • MillScript - A Java based implementation of the OpenSpice specification, enterprise edition intended enterprise edition for template based batch production of websites.
  • Selbstdenker Frameworks - Presents a flexible interface for complex enterprise content enterprise edition management enterprise edition between information supplier and user. It is enterprise edition based on enterprise edition WebObjects and written in 100% Java.
  • eo Networks - Provide XML and J2EE based Content Management System enterprise edition (CAVA'CMS).
  • dotCMS - A CMS solution built into LifeRay, a JSR-168-compatible java portal. dotCMS adds a number of features to java Liferay, such as user tracking and click path java reporting, marking list features, newsletter and email campaign java managers, and event management. [Open source]
  • Jahia CMS and Portal Server - An integrated content management and corporate portal server; java 100% Java based; Available under a collaborative source java license (contribue or pay paradigm).
  • Jamecs (JAva ManagEd Content System) - A full featured servlets-based content management framework, providing content management a simple hierarchical content model with transparent JDBC-based content management object persistence, advanced view creation, and tight integration content management with the Apache Velocity template engine in an content management easy to
  • Manifest - An XML and J2EE based, database driven Content enterprise edition Management System (CMS) for satisfying corporate communications needs, enterprise edition including Internet and Intranet. By Hardlight Interactive.
  • Contelligent - A component-based J2EE Web Content Management solution. It content management provides powerful package mechanism for individual development and content management providers of contelligent extensions.
  • OpenCMS - Servlets are used to deliver HTML content created enterprise edition from XML templates. The whole content of the enterprise edition system is stored in a JDBC - compliant enterprise edition database. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Apache Lenya - Java based content management and publishing system designed java to handle java XML material. It is part of java the Apache Cocoon project. java [Open source, Apache Software java License]
  • Metro - Java based Web content publishing and content management java system for enterprise edition small and mid-sized businesses. Works in java both Windows and Linux enterprise edition environments.
  • Cubika - Dynamic Content Server is a J2EE platform that content management deals java with the content cycle, from creation and content management management to java publication.
  • Liquid Site - A web-based content management system (CMS) written in content management Java. java Separates design from content, allowing non-technical staff content management to easily java add and modify web sites. [Commercial]
  • Polopoly - 100% Java Content Management. The Polopoly system is developed for java rapid publishing, management and distribution of content in any number java of digital channels.
  • Enonic - Vertical Site is a platform developed in Java enterprise edition (J2EE) java using Servlets and EJBs to create and enterprise edition maintain Internet java solutions, combining both a portal tool enterprise edition and a content java management system in one solution. enterprise edition Licensed and hosted solutions java (Norway).
  • BrowserCMS - A 100% Web-based Java/J2EE Content Management System (CMS). [Commercial]
  • Jalios JCMS - A Java/XML-based integrated CMS, Portal and collaborative solution. [Commercial]
  • Xitex WebContent M1 - A Web Content Management System. It allows non-technical staff to content management create and modify web-site content / design instantly in the content management web-page context online from anywhere. [Commercial]

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