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Offers Java messaging support for the wireless and wired world; includes support FAQ, product and company news, with customer and partner lists.

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Editor's Picks:

Java Message Service API* - Sun's official JMS site includes documentation, FAQs and a JMS vendor list.

  • JORAM - ObjectWeb\\'s implementation of Sun\\'s JMS API specification. Integrated enterprise edition in JOnAS EJB Server. [Open source, LGPL]
  • IBM WebSphere MQ Everyplace - Connects mobile and wireless applications with the enterprise java message service java using secure and dependable messaging middleware. It supports java message service java JMS, J2ME and connects with WebSphere MQ (MQSeries).
  • SonicMQ - JMS compliant Java Messaging Server that supports asynchronous messaging, guaranteed java message service message delivery, security, transaction capabilities, and XML messages.
  • - News and analysis about JMS.
  • Softwired iBus - Offers Java messaging support for the wireless and java message service java message service wired world; includes support FAQ, product and company java message service java message service news, with customer and partner lists.
  • JMS CTS - The JMS Compliance Test Suite - A test harness for exercising JMS implementations to simplify evaluation, determine the level of compliance with the specification and help identify bugs in implementations. Overview, news, status, test cases, requirements, project information.
  • Asynchronous Messaging Made Easy With Spring JMS - Srini Penchikala looks at SpringJMS, which provides an java inversion-of-control driven asynchronous messaging framework without the administrative java hassles of typical JMS.
  • Arjuna Message Service - A complete implementation of JMS 1.1 specification. It provides advanced security, scalability and management features demanded by serious enterprise deployments. Certified J2EE compliant with HP-AS.
  • metaQueue.NET Messaging - A J2EE compliant package set unified messaging web java message service enterprise edition service using established open standards and transports such java message service enterprise edition as XML and SOAP over HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, java message service enterprise edition or SMTP.
  • Borland VisiMessage FAQ - VisiMessage is Borland\\'s JMS implementation and part of the Borland java message service App Server.
  • JavaWorld JMS: An Infrastructure for XML-Based Business-to-Business Communication - Describes JMS framework and how to exchange XML-based java transactions.
  • JMS Introduction and Example Application - Introduction article and example application by Gopalan Suresh Raj.
  • SwiftMQ - Standalone JMS enterprise messaging system. Fully implements both enterprise edition the point-to-point as well as the publish/subscribe message enterprise edition model. [Commercial]
  • IBM WebSphere MQ - Integrated in IBM WebSphere Application Server Java Messaging enterprise edition Support (JMS).
  • Sun Java System Message Queue - An implementation of the Java Message Service (JMS) specification. [Free and commercial versions]
  • NFC Chat Server - A framework written in Java. News, screenshots, downloads, documentation, FAQ. java message service [Open source, LGPL]
  • Mom4j - A pure Java implementation of the JMS (Java Message Service) specification. [Open source, LGPL]
  • Java Message Service Tutorial - Self-paced lessons on JMS from Sun.
  • OpenJMS - An open-source implementation of the JMS specification that enterprise edition can use JDBC or RMI internally. [GPL]
  • ActiveMQ - A complete message broker and full JMS 1.1 provider featuring java message service clustering, distributed destinations and XA support with pluggable persistence (JDBC, java message service BDB, JDBM) and transport layers (TCP, UDP, multicast, NIO, SSL, java message service Zeroconf, JXTA, JGroups). [Open source, Apa
  • FioranoMQ - A JMS compliant platform. FioranoMQ Info Bus is java a serverless pub/sub API. FioranoMQ Bridge allows java JMS applications to seamlessly interoperate with MSMQ and java IBM MQSeries systems. JMS++ TestSuite tests conformance java of JMS implementations.
  • jGuru JMS FAQ - jGuru's dynamic FAQ for JMS.
  • elemenope - A JMS messaging framework written in Java. It java message service allows one to easily create a large scale java message service multi-platform messaging or transaction processing application. [Open java message service source, GPL]
  • jtom - A message oriented middleware (MOM) for mobile devices to communicate with server-systems.

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