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Resin servlet container. Has elements of a full J2EE application server, but makes a small compact servlet engine too.

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See Also:
  • Resin - Resin servlet container. Has elements of a full enterprise edition J2EE enterprise edition application server, but makes a small compact enterprise edition servlet engine enterprise edition too.
  • GNU-Paperclips - The Java Servlet engine of the GNU-Project. It was designed to be small, fast and easy to use. In designing this way we have separated some of the components out into sub-projects. GNU-Paperclips fully implements the Servlet API version 2.3. [Open Source,
  • Dwarf HTTP Server - Fully-featured web server with Java Servlet API 2.2 and Java enterprise edition Server Pages 1.1 implementation. [Shareware]
  • How Servlet Containers Work - Budi Kurniawan demonstrates a basic Java servlet container.
  • Internet Server - Servertec\'s embeddable servlet engine. Includes product and support information.
  • Jetty Web Server - A HTTP Server and Servlet container written in enterprise edition 100% Java. [Open source, Artistic-like License]
  • ServletExec - Allows you to deploy servlets on Microsoft\'s IIS enterprise edition server
  • Tomcat User Mailing List - Searchable web archive of the Tomcat User mailing servlet engines list.
  • Tynamo Web Server - A fast, conditionally compliant HTTP/1.1 server and Servlet servlets 2.2 container servlets specifically designed for embedded Java devices, servlets including TINI, JStik, SNAP, servlets and EJC.
  • Quick Guide to Apache Tomcat - Fast tutorial on configuring and using Apache Tomcat servlets for desktop development of Java servlets and JavavServer servlets Pages (JSP).
  • Gefion LiteWebServer - Small web server and servlet runner, based on Apache Tomcat. [Open Source, BSD-like]
  • Apache Tomcat - Download, documentation and tutorials for the straight-forward servlet enterprise edition container servlets and Web server.

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