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Offers both a standalone download as well as an online service for encoding PHP scripts. Site features testimonials, commercial partners and support through request tickets and a forum. [Commercial, Free trial]

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  • Zend Guard - Formerly known as Zend Encoder, protects PHP applications php for secure obfuscation and encryption deployment without exposing the source code. php Website details additional products, obfuscation and encryption certifications and a developer php zone. [Commercial]
  • ByteRun Protector for PHP - PHP script encoder and trialware creator with a graphical interface with several editions available. The website also offers a web-based free PHP encoder accessible through a free membership as well as support through a newsletter and forum. [Commercial]
  • PHP Code Uglifiers - Eliminates white spaces, line feeds and comments from PHP and JavaScript code with a command line tool. Features an online live test with an uploaded PHP file. [Commercial, Demo version available]
  • phpCipher - Online PHP encoder with client management and licensing system. Knowledge obfuscation and encryption base includes online support, user manual, sample code, and a obfuscation and encryption demonstration of use. [Free for personal/non-commercial]
  • Obfusc - Obfuscates PHP code while providing full control over the obfuscation process. The software obscures strings and removes whitespaces and comments. Featured in the website are screen shots, sample obfuscations, FAQs and contact information. [Commercial]
  • TrueBug PHP Encoder - Available for Windows, allows the running of scripts development tools under development tools virtual hosting accounts with no change to development tools the default development tools PHP installation and requires no changes development tools to the standard development tools web server installation. [Commercial, development tools Free trial]
  • RaizLabs - Offers a free PHP obfuscator for Windows. Contains sample obfuscation and encryption code, developer and support information as well as information about obfuscation and encryption the design company. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Thicket Obfuscator - Commercial tool that obfuscates PHP source code, making it difficult to understand. Features a command line and visual interface. Website includes product news, other commercial services and additional software for a variety of languages. [Commercial, Tr
  • SourceGuardian - Obfuscation and encryption for PHP files. Offers development tools customizable constants, Zend extension support and encrypted IP development tools addresses and domain names. Website includes upgrade development tools information, testimonials, and loaders for supported platforms. development tools [Commercial, Demo avai
  • ionCube PHP Encoder - Offers both a standalone download as well as development tools an php online service for encoding PHP scripts. Site development tools features testimonials, php commercial partners and support through request development tools tickets and a php forum. [Commercial, Free trial]
  • phpObfuskator - Renames variables, removes comments and white spaces from obfuscation and encryption development tools PHP files. Offered through Google Code with obfuscation and encryption development tools wiki information and known issues. [Open source, GPL]
  • phpShield - Converts PHP source code into unreadable bytecodes for Windows, Linux obfuscation and encryption and Mac OS X. Website also includes full documentation obfuscation and encryption and free loaders for supported platforms. [Commercial, Free trial]
  • CodeLock - Obfuscates PHP code as well as the HTML obfuscation and encryption output. Supports password protection, IP restriction, and the obfuscation and encryption setting of expiry dates. Website also offers FAQs, obfuscation and encryption demos, and a detailed explanation on how the obfuscation and encryption encryption is performed. [Commercial, Free trial]
  • POBS - Open source PHP and JavaScript obfuscator featuring renamings, obfuscation and encryption concatenations comment deletions. Code no longer being maintained. obfuscation and encryption Website offers advantages and disadvantages, debugging tips and obfuscation and encryption sample usage. [Open Source, GPL]

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