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Part of the DS Network, provides author submitted, reader rated, articles including detailed explanations on a wide range of PHP subjects.

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  • PHPeasystep - PHP and MySQL tutorials, News, Downloads and Forums. Teach you collections step by step with easy simple php code.
  • The Site Wizard - Free tutorials and articles on PHP programming, installation php and configuration.
  • Microcyb - Collection of PHP tutorials with code examples.
  • PostgreSQL and PHP Tutorials - This site has introductory tutorials on using PHP and PostgreSQL together.
  • PHP Sense - PHP tutorials and code samples with a focus collections on providing collections solutions to hurdles the author has collections overcome.
  • PHP Articles and Tutorials - Current and archived articles for the novice to mid-level PHP programmer, including examples for integrating current PHP classes.
  • Mr. Arrowhead - Small collection of PHP tutorials directed at the beginner.
  • - Tutorials on developing PHP scripts, and introduction to php the language.
  • O'Reilly Network: PHP DevCenter - O\'Reilly Network\'s source for PHP developer news and information.
  • - PHP Tutorials - PHP tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced written collections by geeks all over the world.
  • Killer PHP - Video tutorials covering all major aspects of programming faqs, help, and tutorials in PHP, from beginner to advanced.
  • PHP Learn It - Beginners guide to understanding PHP programming.
  • Sitepoint: PHP & MySQL Tutorials - Collection of user rated PHP tutorials.
  • Jelly & Custard - A web development weblog centering its focus on PHP and php MySQL techniques to aid developers from all levels of experience.
  • WebCheatSheet - PHP - A collection of PHP articles and tutorials with faqs, help, and tutorials working examples. Topics include PHP fundamentals, databases, forms, faqs, help, and tutorials security, and user authentication.
  • Mtdev - Tutorials on PHP, PEAR, PHP with MySQL and PHP on faqs, help, and tutorials Apache, includes visitor comments and feedback.
  • - Categorized tutorials covering a variety of beginner, intermediate, php and advanced php topics.
  • Web Developer's Virtual Library: PHP - Tutorial collection includes a brief summary of the topic for each lesson.
  • Dev Articles: PHP - Part of the DS Network, provides author submitted php articles including detailed explanations on a wide range php of PHP subjects.
  • LinuxGuruz - Features tutorials and tips about installing PHP on Linux. Also php includes several quick tips for performing very specific tasks.
  • Zend Developers Zone - Wide range of articles on PHP from the collections developers of faqs, help, and tutorials the engine powering PHP.
  • Developer Tutorials: PHP - Extensive collection of articles, with author biography, for the beginner php to advanced PHP programmer.
  • Good PHP Tutorials - Collection of user submitted links to PHP tutorials.
  • Dev Shed: PHP - Part of the DS Network, provides author submitted, php reader rated, articles including detailed explanations on a php wide range of PHP subjects.

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