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Banner exchange system that can handle up to 4,300,000 ads a day. Features include ability to find abusive members, multi-banner support, default banner to avoid broken images, and banner screening. [Commercial]

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  • PHPGcount - Will count hits (visits) to website and display ad management the php number in a graphical or text format. ad management Comes with php many image styles and can easily ad management add new ones. php [Freeware]
  • phpAdsNew - A free ad server, with an integrated banner ad management management php interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. ad management [Open source, php GPL]
  • LinkMan - Can automate reciprocal links exchange. [Freeware]
  • Randomizer Script - PHP/MySQL script that allows start a fully featured scripts turnkey affiliate php system. It accepts Paypal, Stormpay, Egold, scripts Intgold and Moneybookers payment php processors.
  • inClick - A pay per click text ad server. [Commercial]
  • GB Script - A scripts for control of the traffic on php site. Includes traffic trade system, link rotator and php top list. [Freeware]
  • TWSC Affiliate Lite - Enables visitors to join an affiliate program. No php database required, scripts with shopping cart, PayPal buy button php generator. [Commercial]
  • LinkeX PRO - Semi-automatic back-link checking, links directory and links banner, customizable design, scripts link ranking. Incoming and outgoing links statistics.
  • Softbiz Banner Ads Management Script - Run banner ads on site with this PHP script. Advertisors php buy banner impressions via paypal.
  • PHP AdWords API Lib - A middle-tier library that facilitates the access to php the Google ad management AdWords API from PHP scripts. It php works with NuSOAP and ad management PEAR SOAP.
  • ROI Tracking Pro - A PHP script allows track any online ads: php banners, text ad management ads, keywords. Supports all campaigns: cpm, php ppc, flat rate. Reports ad management visitors, leads, sales, conversions.
  • TextAds - A text ad management system for use in php any PHP-based scripts web system. [Open Source, GPL]
  • W.G Link Exchange Manager - Allows easily manage reciprocal links and helps to php see which of link partners are linking back php to or not. [Commercial]
  • Ad Center 2000 NG Pro - Banner exchange system that can handle up to scripts 4,300,000 ads ad management a day. Features include ability to scripts find abusive members, multi-banner ad management support, default banner to scripts avoid broken images, and banner screening. ad management [Commercial]
  • Wonder Point Randomizer script - Allows start a fully featured turnkey affiliate system. It support php paid membership to visitors, by paying the affiliate fee, a php randomly chosen member and the administrator fee of the site. php [Commercial]
  • BannerFiles - An advertising and banner delivery system support rotating scripts any ad size, pop-ups, pop-unders, advertising network code, scripts HTML ads. [Commercial]
  • LX - Reciprocal Link Exchange - LX lets people add their own link to php your page scripts instantly and has an option to php check for the existence scripts of your reciprocal link php first. [Freeware]
  • Piranha Feed - Scripts for integrating Amazon\\'s Associates XML feed easily into your website. Introduction, demo, affiliate program. By ScriptRocket. [Commercial]
  • Geo-Ads PHP - A script made especially for serving PHP users originating from php specific countries. Its main purpose being a geo-targeted advertisement server php but it is also functional enough to redirect users, deliver php entire webpages and execute add-on scripts. [Commerc
  • ePower Trader - An advanced traffic trading script with anticheat features to catch ad management hitbots, and detailed country statistics based on IP. [Commercial]
  • Softbiz Reciprocal Link Exchange Script - With automatic link checker, administration, configurable emails, integration ad management with multiple sites. [Commercial]
  • HIOX Free Banner Ad Rotator - A banner rotator script to dynamically add, update ad management and scripts ratoate banner ads. File based utility PHP ad management script with scripts options to set banner size, time ad management between rotation and scripts ad management. [Freeware]
  • Softbiz Banner Ad Exchange Script - Run site to facilitate banner exchange advertising with ad management this PHP script.
  • Ad Web Scripts - A selection of scripts for exchange systems, from banners to php text.
  • DH-MLM - Set of scripts to assist the construction of scripts pyramid and php multi-level marketing scheme websites. By DH scripts Softwares.
  • Dynatracker - An Ad tracker. Track, analyze and test all of online scripts marketing campaigns automatically, in real-time. [Commercial]
  • Local Banner Rotate System - A PHP script, is qualified for control over ad management a php banner rotate (replay) system at a web ad management site. [Commercial]
  • Ad Peeps - A PHP/mySQL based banner and text ad management php program that ad management supports 11 banner sizes, rich-media ads, php and text links. Provides ad management many statistics and designed php not to use heavy server resources. ad management [Commercial]

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