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Nuke site used for integrating various tweaks, modules, blocks and themes into PHP-Nuke, large selection of themes and other Nuke related downloads.

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PHP-Nuke* - Content management and portal solution featuring web-based administration, surveys, customizable blocks, modules and themes with multilanguage support. Requires PHP/MySQL. Requires paid registration for access to latest revision and some sections.

  • Nuke-Find - A categorized database of phpNuke powered web sites.
  • MetOpen - Add-on PHP-Nuke modules and blocks.
  • NukeForums - Features PHP-Nuke installation, modules and add-ons support.
  • Nuke Fixes - Provider of fixes for known PHP-Nuke bugs and php-nuke discussion forum php-nuke for Nuke Patched.
  • - Nuke site used for integrating various tweaks, modules, blocks and php-nuke themes into PHP-Nuke, large selection of themes and other Nuke php-nuke related downloads.
  • - Commercial and custom development of PHP-Nuke and PostNuke themes. Requires paid registration for downloads and access to most sections.
  • Nuke Resources - A community site with the latest news, add-ons, themes and php-nuke other resources.
  • NukeFreaks - News, information and resource portal dedicated to the php-nuke PHPnuke CMS system.
  • Nuke United - Screen saver software that utilizes unused PC resources php-nuke to perform scripts cancer research when the computer is php-nuke idle.
  • PHP-Nuke SEO Tools - Home of the nukeSEO search engine optimization tool php-nuke and other php-nuke addons for professional websites using PHP-Nuke php-nuke [Registration is Required for php-nuke Downloads, GPL].
  • PHP-Nuke: Management and Programming - Detailed tutorial and documentation describing installation and structure content management of PHP-Nuke. Includes programming methodologies of the base content management application as well as blocks and modules.
  • Disipal Designs - Themes, modules, blocks, addons, and tools.
  • NukeSkins - Free and custom themes for PHP-Nuke.
  • Nuke Cops - PHP-Nuke support site featuring bug reports and solutions via forums scripts with downloads including add-on modules, blocks and modification scripts.
  • KALGASH Themes - PHP-Nuke themes and phpBB styles online design shop. [Free and content management commercial]
  • VinDSL - Nuke webdev site used for debugging and integrating php-nuke various third-party php-nuke tweaks, modules, blocks and themes into php-nuke PHP-Nuke, including Disipal Site php-nuke themes, Maty Scripts MS-Analysis, php-nuke Coppermine Photo Gallery, NSN scripts.
  • NukeScripts Network - Custom developed scripts, hacks and mods for PHP-Nuke php-nuke including NukeSentinel content management security platform. Features NSN scripts, php-nuke news, downloads, forums, links content management and partner resources.

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