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A database access system that uses a single form to query, view and modify data spread to one or more tables in a true relational manner. [Open source, GPL]

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See Also:
  • ezSQL - A class for using mySQL/Oracle within scripts with scripts many examples. scripts [Open Source GPL]
  • AppGini - A free tool that creates MySQL databases and scripts corresponding PHP scripts for presenting data. Also available scripts as an enhanced commercial product.
  • Mimesis - Mimesis is an Open Source PHP Flat File Database low-level scripts API designed to act as a backend for server-side scripts scripts that require database functionality.
  • ADODB_SQL - Mapping PHPLIB using ADODB. Permits migrating your code php using DB_Sql database management format (PHPLIB) to an another DB php engine like ADODB.
  • EZDB - A modular tool for creating and inserting forms into a database. [Open source, GPL]
  • EasySQL - Let easily connect to MySQL database with web browser. [Freeware]
  • phpMyBackupPro - A web-based MySQL backup tool, written in PHP. scripts Features are database management scheduled backups, backup per email and scripts FTP, directory backups, management database management of several databases, multi scripts languages. [Open source, GPL]
  • Navicat - A set of graphical database management, reporting and scripts monitoring tools for MySQL database systems (Windows or scripts Mac OS X version). [Shareware]
  • php-syslog-ng - A front-end for viewing syslog-ng messages logged to MySQL in scripts real-time. [Open source, GPL]
  • PhpSQLiteAdmin - Download, installation tips, screenshots and a forum for an administration scripts tool for Sqlite databases.
  • phpMSAdmin - A tool written in PHP that allows management scripts of Microsoft database management SQL Server databases through a web scripts browser. Currently supports database management management of databases, tables, scripts views and triggers [Open Source, GPL].
  • Dataxi - A database access system that uses a single database management form to query, view and modify data spread database management to one or more tables in a true database management relational manner. [Open source, GPL]
  • SQLiteManager - Multilingual web based tool to manage SQLite databases. database management database management Support is also provided for SQLite3 databases database management and works database management for PHP 5 [Open Source, GPL].
  • ezDatabase - A web based PHP and MySQL program for database management creating online databases using HTML templates. Create fields, database management categories, users, permissions, search forms. [Commercial]
  • FiForms - A collection of PHP classes that enables you database management to build a web-based front-end to a MySQL database management database in minutes. It uses XML and XSLT database management to generate on-screen and printable reports as well database management a spreadsheets from an SQL query stored in database management a PHP or XML definition. [Open
  • PhpPgAdmin - Feature list and downloads for a web-based administration tool for database management PostgreSQL.[Open Source, GPL]
  • DaDaBIK (DataBase Interfaces Kreator) - Free PHP application that allows to easily create a highly customizable Web form interface for a MySQL database in order to search, insert, update and delete records; just specify a few configuration parameters. Also online demo. [Open source]
  • PHP Flatfile package - Light but powerful and flexible flat file database class, with scripts lots of the features a real database gives you. [Open scripts source, MIT license]
  • Vty - A web-based database manager for mySQL and MS php SQL, written scripts with PHP. [Freeware]
  • PHPArchive - A PHP framework to build own internet/intranet database database management application. php [Open source, GPL]
  • PhpLens - PHP application server. Databases can be presented as html tables scripts with facilities to create, edit, paginate, search and delete records.
  • QuickDat - A freeware tool to easily manage data online. Store data in text format files.
  • phpMyAdmin - A tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the WWW.
  • phpPgInfo - A mix of a PHP scripts and other ingredients required to produce a dynamic web page. It shows configuration parameters of a running PostgreSQL server and additionally various statistics data of a particular database. [Open source, BSD License]
  • SQLiteDB - Simple PHP SQLite class written in PHP for php enabling SQLite database management directly from within PHP php scripts [Open Source, GPL].
  • MySQL-XML - A set of wrappers written in PHP to streamline using XML with MySQL, it comes with a class generator that creates customizable and flexible classes for the developer to base their work upon. [Open source, GPL]

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