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An open source catalog management system. Includes multi-lingual support, customer information tracking, close out items, audio or video clips for products, and encryption.

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  • 5th Avenue Software - A template-driven customizable PHP shopping cart utilizing MySQL scripts or PostgreSQL. php Interfaces with numerous payment, tax, and scripts freight methods. [Shareware]
  • Associate-O-Matic - Build and customize a complete Amazon.com Associate Store. [Commercial]
  • aMember - Script to setup paid membership on a site e-commerce with PayPal/Clickbank php support. [Commercial, trial version]
  • RapidShop - Shopping cart software for small and medium business.
  • Clover Shop - An online store which features a product catalog, e-commerce shopping cart, e-commerce orders and administration page. Databases are e-commerce flat text files and e-commerce its can edit them e-commerce through web browser or off-line in e-commerce a text e-commerce editor. [Commercial]
  • phpShop - A free online shop which includes a modular scripts system, easy management, featured items, and searching.
  • digiSHOP - Fully self-administered shopping cart that works with PHP/MySQL. Pricing and online order.
  • Shop-Script - Application includes credit card processing, template-based design, and e-commerce compatibility with php mySQL, MS SQL, and Interbase. Online e-commerce order.
  • TwoCheckout - Support for accepting credit card payments via 2Checkout.com; includes basic e-commerce post-back script. By PHP Labs. [Commercial]
  • Deonix Scripts Templates Management - A PHP script which allows start templates business. It support selling single templates and membership based templates sites. Also it support templates uploaded, members subscription, files management. [Commercial]
  • Whois.Cart() - A PHP and MySQL based domain and hosting sales and scripts management system that solves most manual labor involved with running scripts a hosting business. [Commercial]
  • MiracleCommerce - A shopping cart software for Linux provides complete scripts ecommerce functionality e-commerce including web based online store, product scripts catalog management, order management, e-commerce customer management, order status scripts update notification, order cancellation, customer credit e-commerce issuanc
  • Domain Registration and Management System - Fully customizable domain registration system utilizing the eNom reseller API scripts with integrated payment gateways. Requires MySQL.
  • Shop Builder - A shopping cart solution. Built in search facility. e-commerce Most popular items can be displayed. Special offers e-commerce can be flagged to promote items. [Commercial]
  • Intensive Point - Shopping cart and product delivery system designed for merchants who e-commerce sell software and ebook instant downloads. Includes time sensitive options, e-commerce software updates access, support and a feature to bundle digital e-commerce products. [Commercial]
  • PHP Invoice - A PHP/MySQL-based account and automated invoice management program. scripts It supports scripts automated billing through Paysystems, 2Checkout, Worldpay, scripts Paypal, and custom payment scripts gateway. Features: Support Tax, scripts Pro-rated billing, revenue reports. [Commercial]
  • DH MLM - Software designed to help manage affiliates and real-time commission payments.
  • BAV - Bank Account Validator - Classes for bank account validation. It may be easily integrated e-commerce into an existing project. At the moment only (but all) e-commerce German bank accounts are supported. [Open source, GPL]
  • PHP IPN Monitor - A PHP / mySQL application for selling digital php goods via PayPal and IPN (instant payment notification). php [Commercial]
  • VeriSignup - Allows to integrate Verisign\\'s PayFlowLink into website. By e-commerce PHP Labs. e-commerce [Commercial]
  • S.C.S.S (Shopping Cart Software Solution) - A full featured shopping cart software with integreted payment solutions e-commerce based on PHP and MySQL database. [Commercial]
  • phpMyCart - A PHP and mySQL based ready-to-use virtual shop e-commerce with a e-commerce template-based storefront, unlimited products and categories, e-commerce and different options for e-commerce delivery and payment.
  • Squirrel Cart Shipping Module - A PHP/MySQL e-commerce system. Also company offer shopping cart hosting. e-commerce By Nextnet Hosting. [Commercial]
  • PaymentPal - Lets accept PayPal transactions through website automatically, via PayPal\\'s Instant e-commerce Payment Notification system. By PHP Labs. [Commercial]
  • MR ICT Paypal Download Script - Script allow sell a digital product using a e-commerce PayPal "Buy e-commerce it Now" button. The file can e-commerce be any digital media e-commerce downloadable by a web e-commerce browser, including zip file, pdf, mp3, e-commerce gif, jpeg. e-commerce [Commercial]
  • Fish Cart - An open source catalog management system. Includes multi-lingual support, customer scripts information tracking, close out items, audio or video clips for scripts products, and encryption.
  • Zen Cart - A user-friendly PHP-based shopping cart system. [Open source, scripts GPL]
  • ViArt - A shopping cart supporting MySQL and PostgreSQL databases php and includes support for ODBC connections. Different versions, php online demo, and news. [Shareware]
  • Digisoft 77 - PHP Shopping Cart. It use MySQL and not e-commerce requiring knowledge e-commerce of HTML or programming. Demo available. e-commerce [Commercial]
  • AuthorizeIt - A PHP interface to the authorize.net merchant gateway, scripts which lets e-commerce you set up your site to scripts take credit card payments. e-commerce By PHP Labs. [Commercial]
  • PayDownloadPal - Digital download delivery automation with Paypal ecommerce integration.
  • Pixie Professional - Download delivery, affiliate system, subscription automation, Ebay download scripts automation script.
  • Sau Surepay - Implementation of SurePays "classic" interface, also includes a php plugin for e-commerce ready use with PHPshop. [Opensource]

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