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PHP scripts for reading e-mails from POP3/IMAP accounts.

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See Also:
  • IlohaMail - A light-weight multilingual webmail client with POP3 and scripts IMAP support, scripts written in pure PHP4. [GPL]
  • SocketMail - A webmail system based on PHP and MySQL, scripts designed for scripts small-to-large web sites and enterprises [commercial].
  • JAWmail - Just Another Web mail is a flexible, powerful clients and fast clients webmail written in PHP [GPL].
  • IMP - Very popular IMAP webmail program. It relies on clients PHP3\\'s IMAP clients module for the IMAP calls, and clients an SSL server for clients security. [GPL]
  • PHlyMail - A webmail client based on PHP and MySQL. Features include clients folders, multiple POP3 accounts, contacts, calendar, modular design to add clients new functions. It\\'s multilingual and theme based. [Free and commercial clients versions]
  • Squirrelmail - A standards-based webmail package written in PHP4. It e-mail includes built-in clients pure PHP support for the IMAP e-mail and SMTP protocols, and clients all pages render in e-mail pure HTML 4.0 (with no Javascript) clients for maximum e-mail compatibility across browsers. [Free]
  • WapCoMail - A friendly and easy wapmail interface to use e-mail your email from mobile devices. Developed in PHP e-mail 4 for Apache or Microsoft Internet Information Server e-mail (IIS). [Freeware]

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