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Provides Invision Power Board skins and vBulletin styles. All skins and styles are packaged with fixed and fluid configurations. [Commercial]

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  • SMF - A community software package with themes, fast message scripts database, secure file-attaching system, and mod installation manager. scripts [Freeware]
  • XMB - PHP/MySQL forum software that supports themes, BB code, and instant php messaging. [Open source, GPL]
  • Bestweb - Usenet style threaded discussion, multiple forums, multiple languages, scripts automatic archiving, scripts printable pages, and message voting.
  • Vanilla - PHP/MySQL forum software with multilingual support and more than 100 plug-ins. [Open source, GPL]
  • FluxBB - Forum software forked by four developers of PunBB scripts that supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite and produces scripts valid XHTML [Open source, GPL]
  • Joo!BB - Forum software integrated with the Joomla content management scripts system [Freeware].
  • 7th BBS - A modular Bulletin Board System based on PHP 5 and MySQL 4+. [Open source, GPL]
  • Transverse Styles - Provides Invision Power Board skins and vBulletin styles. forums All skins and styles are packaged with fixed forums and fluid configurations. [Commercial]
  • W-Agora - Free forum written in PHP. It has also scripts a guestbook, scripts a download area, a photo gallery scripts and a news publisher scripts feature. It uses MySql scripts as database.
  • Unclassified NewsBoard - Unicode-supporting PHP/MySQL forum software that produces standard XHTML forums and CSS. [Open source, GPL]
  • PHP/XML Forum - A free thread-oriented, XML-based news forum. No database required.
  • Oxygen - A highly customisable open-source web-based bulletin board that forums requires PHP4, a mySQL database.
  • SEO-Board - A fast, and search engine friendly forum software scripts written in forums PHP/MySQL. [Open source]
  • bSpeak Threaded Messageboard - A PHP and MySQL based messageboard software. [Commercial]
  • bbPress - Template-driven PHP/MySQL forum software developed by the creators of WordPress. php [Open source, GPL]
  • WowBB - WowBB offers features such as auto install/upgrade, a WYSIWYG editor with integrated spell-checker, auto time zone detection and smart caching. Requires PHP and MySQL.
  • MercuryBoard - Bulletin board written in object-oriented PHP4 with a scripts MySQL database backend.
  • miniBB - Presents features, and requirements of the free bulletin forums board application scripts with demo, downloads, manual and community forums forum. Premium extensions and scripts service also available.
  • iDB - PHP/MySQL message board software that supports themes, Atom, php RSS, XHTML. [Open Source, BSD]
  • SkaidonDesigns - Template designer for phpBB, vBulletin, IPB software.
  • tribbyBoard - A free threaded message board script written in PHP with a MySQL backend.
  • SonicBB - Free open source PHP/MySQL bulletin board software
  • Prattle - A message board system implementing a clean linear php model. [Open source, GPL]
  • IceBB - Open-source forum software in PHP.
  • WowClassic - Commercial PHP forum software based on WowBB that forums offers a WYSIWYG editor and uses MySQL
  • YaBB SE - A PHP/MySQL port of Yet another Bulletin Board php (YaBB) 1 scripts Gold (see above).
  • SowiBB - Forum software written in PHP with a MySQL backend.
  • Virtual Forums - PHP/MySQL forum software that's hosted remotely and customizable.
  • WSN Forum - Fully customizable, extensible and translateable PHP/MySQL forum script. forums [Commercial]
  • aterr - An open-source, web-based, threaded forum system written in scripts PHP, supporting scripts nested posts and forums.
  • Spam Board - Customizable PHP bulletin board software that supports different php SQL backends php [Open source, GPL]
  • ccForum - A simple, easy to use message board system. php It supports scripts single or multiple forums, user registration php and anonymous posting, and scripts forum administrators. ccForum is php written in PHP and is based scripts on a php MySQL database. [Open source, GPL]
  • Phorum - A free threaded, web-based bulletin board system written php in PHP scripts with a variety of backend database php option available.
  • DCForum+ - A PHP/MySQL implementation of DCForum web discussion program. php [Commercial]
  • UseBB - A PHP/MySQL bulletin board package designed for small forums to medium scripts sized web sites. [Open source, GPL]
  • MBoard - A simple message board for those who don\\'t scripts want or php need large forums. Supports smileys, and scripts e-mail notification. [Freeware]
  • Supermod - A PHP forum software to a higher level scripts YABBSE based forums concept radically modified and customized for scripts free.
  • WMForum - A very simple discussion board program written in forums PHP. It scripts doesn't use any SQL database.
  • GrimBB - Open source PHP board that uses embedded flat-file php database and can work on free web hosting php providers. [Open source]
  • FunkBoard - A multi-thread customisablebulletin board messaging system. It uses PHP and php either MySQL or PostgreSQL database. [Freeware]
  • UBBThreads - Threaded or linear viewing of posts, address books, CSS compatible, session or cookie based, moderators, multi-language support, private forums, profanity filter, and user pictures. [Commercial]
  • FUD Forum - Very feature-rich PHP forum system with MySQL/PostgreSQL backend.
  • PunBB - Aims to be a fast and lightweight PHP-powered php discussion board. php Licensed under GNU GPL.
  • IbPhp - Ikonboard\\'s PHP version. It supports all CGI version\\'s features and it\\'s free. A free registration is required to download the script.
  • WiForums - Interoperable (vBulletin, phpBB2 and IPB) Web/WAP Discussion Forums for Cell phones, PDAs and other handheld devices.

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