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Grabs and saves comic strips from the web. It is avaible as PHP web application, as desktop background, as command line script and in other versions.

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See Also:
  • ProPhotoHost - A fully automated photo hosting website. [Commercial]
  • Simple Picture Gallery Manager - SPGM displays picture galleries on the web. [Open source, GPL]
  • phpAutoGallery - An auto-indexing picture gallery in php.
  • PHP Photo Album - Easy to install and use PHP Photo Album, with no need of database. Web installer.
  • Gallery - A flexible and multi-featured photo album system for PostNuke. Sample galleries are provided on-site as a demonstration of it in action [Open Source, GPL].
  • I-Rater - Image rating script similar to Demos, FAQ image galleries and scripts online order.
  • LinPHA -- The PHP Photo Archive - Install script makes installation easy for the novice. Multilingual features. scripts Requires MySQL/PostgreSQL. [GPL]
  • MicroScripts - Software for sites with functions such as HotOrNot, scripts image galleries, and dating software. [Commercial]
  • YaPiG - Yet Another PHP Image Gallery - A simple image gallery featuring web admin tool, scripts template system, scripts user comments, visit statistics and multilingual scripts support. Requires GD lib, scripts but no SQL. [GPL]
  • Picoplog - A minimalistic photoblogging tool. Posting a photo is php done by uploading photo to the web space. php No database required.
  • Pyxy-gallery - A simple one-file PHP script using AJAX to image galleries generate scripts an image gallery. [Open source, GPL]
  • PHPQuickGallery - Simple gallery script with ability to handle movies. php Commenting supported, php slideshow and automatic thumbnail creation. Does php not require a database, php but requires Image Magick. php [Open Source, GPL under certain conditions]
  • MiniGal - A simple, easy to use, image gallery script scripts with skin support. Displays EXIF, user comments and scripts image captions. Multiple image upload through browser scripts based admin interface. No database required. Language files scripts now supported.
  • AmIGeekOrNot - PHP software used to run "Am I Geek image galleries Or Not" and similar services. It requires Apache image galleries and MySQL. [Open source, GPL]
  • yappa: yet another php photo album - Online PHP Photo, Picture and Image Gallery Script scripts with automatic php thumbnail creation, on the fly resizing scripts of images. Album oriented php configuration. Requires no database scripts [GPL]
  • OTF Gallery - Minimalistic gallery, which requires GD and promises minimal setup. [GPL]
  • phpGrabComics - Grabs and saves comic strips from the web. It is avaible as PHP web application, as desktop background, as command line script and in other versions.
  • PhotoPost - A PHP/MySQL based gallery that can integrate with scripts vBulletin and image galleries other forums for one user login scripts and for a consistent image galleries look and feel. [Commercial]
  • TFT Gallery - Only PHP and GD or ImageMagick are needed scripts for TFT image galleries Gallery. The images are uploaded either scripts via FTP or via image galleries the admin area, the scripts thumbnails are generated automatically. Includes PDF image galleries and ZIP scripts generation of carts or whole directories. [GPL]
  • myPh3 - Reads photos from folder and automatically generates thumbnails. No database needed.
  • phpg - Web software to create gallery of images. Includes features, demonstration.
  • WSN Gallery - Customizable PHP/MySQL image gallery script. [Commercial]
  • Gallery4All - A simple and rapid dynamically generated thumbnail gallery. The pictures are structured in categories and subcategories, and the URLs can be generated with mod_rewrite. [Open source, GPL]
  • phpGraphy - A full featured photo collection/gallery PHP script. [Open php Source, GPL].
  • XatalGallery - Software to organize photos on the Internet.
  • Funkgallery - A free PHP and MySQL based full function php and customisable photo gallery system.
  • fileNice - free php file / image browser - fileNice is a free, open source, skinnable, php file browser with Flickr functionality, slideshows and other features. It uses AJAX (XMLHttpRequest) to update pages without reloads.
  • Single File PHP Gallery - Gallery in one single PHP file. Runs as scripts stand-alone or included on existing pages.
  • PHP Pic-o-matic - Script for creation online picture galleries with showroom and php albums. [Freeware]
  • Singapore - PHP based, requires GD Lib or ImageMagick. Focuses on layout scripts and presenting the images, rather than complexity or ease of scripts use. [Open Source, GPL]
  • ImageThumb - A PHP script that create thumbnails on the image galleries fly for a given image, whether it is image galleries local ore remote. Currently supported formats are GIF, image galleries PNG and JPEG.
  • Coppermine Gallery - Powerful and flexible PHP/MySQL based gallery script. Requires GD Lib or ImageMagick. [Open Source, GPL]
  • phpLD Photo - A full featured gallery script that uses smarty scripts templates and offers a discussion forum. [Commercial]
  • phTagr - Multi user image gallery to organize, tag, and php share photos scripts collection. Uses CakePHP, MySQL, ExifTool, GoogleMaps, php WebDAV. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Idut Gallery - A gallery system which does not use a database. It can be customised and incorporated into an existing website or on its own. Download and support forums are presented. [GPL]
  • Exhibit Engine - Endless configuration possibilities for the power user. PHP/MySQL based. Requires scripts GD Lib or ImageMagick. [Open Source]
  • Softbiz Photo/Image Gallery Script - Act as a collection of private and public image galleries image php galleries. Members or administrator can create public image galleries or private php galleries. Public galleries are accessible to image galleries all. While read/write php access for the private galleries image galleries can be restricted. [Commercial]
  • Photos GalleryHP - Album scripts which automatically create thumbnails, resize pictures, scripts and paginate output where appropriate. [Commercial]
  • Image Photo Gallery PHP Script - A PHP script for automatically creating a picture scripts gallery from php a folder. Just upload script file scripts to a directory with php pictures and see the scripts gallery. No database is needed, and php no thumbnails scripts are created. Free, but no licensing information.
  • Gallerize - Create photo galleries or paysite member areas with image galleries ease. Automatic generation of JPG thumbnails and gallery image galleries pages. By PHPLabs. [Commercial]
  • TinyWebGallery - Gallery script to organize photo albums on website. image galleries No scripts database needed.
  • Thickbox Gallery - Gallery application created with PHP and thickbox Javascript php library.
  • MonAlbum - An PHP/MySql based application which goal is to php manage a scripts photo album on the Web. [Open php source, GPL]
  • Weatimages - Publishing script to organize web-based photo albums on image galleries website. scripts [Freeware/GPL]
  • webYourPhotos - An easy to use picture gallery script, written image galleries in PHP. [Freeware]
  • K-Rate - Feature rich HotOrNot type image rating script [Commercial]

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