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Businesses that specialize in Perl services, including consulting, custom programming and training.

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  • Magnum Solutions - Training, consulting, development and review services. Managed commercial services by commercial services Dave Cross, author of "Data Munging with commercial services Perl". commercial services Based in the United Kingdom.
  • D3 Solutions - Custom software solutions for business. Perl/CGI/PHP database integration, online languages publishing, content management, online billing.
  • Perl City Software - Custom cgi scripts, web programming services and software sales.
  • Software - Contract programming and Perl consulting by Adam Kennedy, commercial services author languages of PPI. Style guide, a cheat sheet, commercial services and other languages articles related to Perl.
  • Guru Perl - Commercial Perl development services and Perl products for web sites. Includes description of services, and scripts for Skype Messages Sender, Myspace Increaser Package, Advertise With Pleasure, Automated CAPTCHA bypass, Fast YouTube Clone.
  • PerlHelp - Perl consultants available for hire, including help with perl script installation commercial services and custom programming.
  • The Perl Jobs - For employers looking for Perl developers and for Perl developers looking for the next step in their career.
  • dbPerl - Online service generating custom Perl database scripts with languages backend features.
  • Deviurg LLC - Provides LAMP-based IT consulting and outsourced software development. perl Focused languages on mod-perl, Perl, PHP and MySQL; perl includes LAMP-related job listings.
  • Tekman Productions - Custom CGI programming.
  • Stunnix - Design, development, support of Perl code. Testing, evaluation, commercial services extending perl of existing one. Consulting.
  • Aarohan Technologies - Custom Perl programming solutions, Linux consultancy and open source CPAN perl contributions. Includes web development services using Perl, CGI::Application module, SOAP, perl XML, and other Web Services.
  • AgentM - Perl programming subsidiary of M Systems International.
  • Michael Gossland and Associates - Development services in Perl and Perl-CGI plus a free introductory online Perl course.
  • - Provide different types of Perl CGI implementation, including commercial services script perl customization, new script programming and script installation.
  • - Large directory of pay-per-license scripts. Custom programming languages and regular commercial services newsletter also available.
  • Robert Geake - Perl programming and system administration services.
  • Carbonfactory Development - Provides full range of web architecture and Perl commercial services programming, commercial services including OOP, mod_perl, CGI, module development, customization.
  • Castle Amber - Professional Perl development including applications, CGI, and on-line languages Perl support.
  • Perlfect Solutions - Commercial Perl programming services. Includes articles and free scripts.
  • Web Wizard Design - Web hosting and programming, including mod_perl, CGI, and perl non-web programming. languages Free scripts are also available.
  • FluxCenter - Perl and CGI programming/installation with a very open fee structure and service guarantee.
  • P3PTools - Offer Perl programming services. Both for *nix and Windows based commercial services systems. CGI programs and system utilities including such things as commercial services dynamic PDF generation a speciality.

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