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Highlights new features of Perl 5: a new data type, the reference, and object oriented programming. Designed for those with Perl 4 experience.

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Perl Documentation -* - Core documentation for the current version of Perl, in HTML and PDF formats. Features include highlighting and linking of code examples, labels, and a customisable display.

  • Perl Medic - Book by Peter Scott about maintaining legacy code. documentation Contents, excerpts, documentation errata, and source code.
  • Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason - Book by Dave Rolsky and Ken Williams. Full text freely perl available.
  • - Original documentation for Fnord7\\'s KoLbot Perl library. Includes examples and files.
  • Perl 4 Manual - Hypertexted searchable index to man.
  • Perlfect Solutions - Articles and Tutorials - Articles and tutorials on perl programming techniques. Subjects perl range from CGI to database access and network perl programming.
  • Introduction to Perl 5 - Highlights new features of Perl 5: a new data type, documentation the reference, and object oriented programming. Designed for those with documentation Perl 4 experience.
  • Perl Crawler Search Engine - The Perl Crawler Search Engine is huge searchable documentation index of all sites devoted to Perl and documentation CGI programming, backed up with a state-of-the-art web documentation indexing spider.
  • - Perl Directory - Perl 5 Documentation by Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington. And Perl 4 man page by Robert Stockton.
  • Extreme Perl - An evolving book about Extreme Programming with Perl. perl Freely available perl in HTML and PDF.
  • Learning Perl the Hard Way - Book aimed at those who can already program languages in another documentation language; emphasizes programming style. Distributed under languages the GNU FDL. [PDF/Postscript]
  • Perl Documentation (FTP) - Includes a collection of documents about Perl.
  • Perl 5 by Example - Complete text of David Medinets\' book, in HTML languages format.
  • HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide - by Rex Swain.
  • Perl FAQ Index - A list of frequently asked Perl questions with languages expert answers.
  • Writing Perl Modules for CPAN - Book by Sam Tregar, freely available from Apress. perl [3 MB][PDF]
  • AnnoCPAN - An "annotated CPAN": a site with all the languages documentation available documentation on CPAN, along with user-supplied annotations languages on the margin.
  • A Fresh Look at Efficient Perl Sorting - The Award winning paper presented by Larry Rosler languages and Uri Guttman at the 1999 Perl Conference.
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