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Conducted at a Conference in Kyoto, Japan. Wall discusses topics including Perl certification, the commercialization of Perl, competition between open source projects, and the power of laziness.

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Larry Wall's Home Page* - Photographs, links, geek code block, transcripts of his speeches, diary of his cornea transplant.

  • Salon Magazine: The Joy of Perl - Andrew Leonard\\'s interview with Wall, charting the language\\'s history, culture, and future.
  • LWN Interview: Larry Wall - Conducted at a Conference in Kyoto, Japan. Wall languages discusses topics perl including Perl certification, the commercialization of languages Perl, competition between open perl source projects, and the languages power of laziness.
  • Linux Magazine: Uncultured Perl - Larry Wall\\'s article about the history and evolution wall, larry of languages the language. [Free registration required to wall, larry view this languages article.]
  • Wikipedia: Larry Wall - Wikipedia article overviewing the career Larry Wall, author perl of the languages Perl programming language.
  • Perl.com: Larry Wall - Archive of articles written by Wall, covering subjects such as wall, larry Perl 6 and the Perl culture.
  • Linux Journal: Larry Wall, the Guru of Perl - Marjorie Richardson\\'s interview covers subjects such as Wall\\'s wall, larry inspiration to write Perl initially, the evolution of wall, larry the language, how the language is being used, wall, larry and his personal life.
  • ACM Crossroads: Larry Wall Interview - Lorrie Faith Cranor\\'s interview with Wall, and overview languages of Perl\'s languages history.
  • DDJ: A Conversation with Larry Wall - Eugene Eric Kim\\'s interview which discusses the state perl of Perl, languages scripting language design, and the importance perl of culture to a languages language.

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