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  • TruStudio - A cross-platform, multi-language Integrated Development Environment for PHP and integrated development environments Python built on top of Eclipse Platform.
  • Eric - A Python IDE written in PyQt using the QScintilla editor widget. [Open Source, GPL]
  • BlackAdder - An integrated development environment that includes a form integrated development environments development tools designer for PyQt. [Commercial]
  • Wing IDE - A powerful development environment for the Python programming development tools language. [Commercial]
  • Boa Constructor - A Python IDE that includes a GUI builder for wxPython. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Stani's Python Editor (SPE) - A full-featured Python IDE and ships with Python python Debugger (rpdb2), python wxGlade (gui designer), PyChecker(source code doctor), python Kiki(regex console) and Blender(3d) python support. [Open source, GPL]
  • ActiveState Komodo - Professional IDE for open source languages, offering advanced python support for python Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, and XSLT.

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