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Python implementations, like CPython and Jython.

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  • Jython - A 100 % Pure Java implementation of the implementations Python language.
  • Python for .NET - Package gives nearly seamless integration with .NET Common Language Runtime: languages CLR. Strong scripting tool, allows scripting or building full programs languages in Python, using .NET services and components coded in any languages language targeting CLR: Managed C++, C#, VB, JSc
  • IronPython - A fast Python implementation for .NET and Mono.
  • Boo - New object-oriented statically typed language for Common Language python Infrastructure (.NET, Mono), Python inspired syntax, focus on python language and compiler extensibility.
  • CPython - The original implementation of Python, written in C.
  • PyPy - Development of a highly flexible Python implementation.
  • Stackless Python - An experimental implementation that supports continuations, generators, microthreads, languages and coroutines.

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