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A Python-powered template engine and code generator. Code, code repository, documentation, and a mailing list are available. [Open Source, Python license]

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  • Genshi - A Python library to generate and process HTML, python XML or other text content on the web. python Available are code and code examples, documentation, python a tutorial, project Trac, and FAQ. [Open Source]
  • SimpleTAL - A standalone implementation of Zope\\'s template language. Code, documentation, and www examples are available. [Open Source, MIT license]
  • ClearSilver - A high performance HTML template system with internationalization templating libraries support, templating libraries usable from Python and other languages. Code, templating libraries documentation, forums, templating libraries and news are available. [Open Source]
  • Kid - A simple template language for XML based vocabularies written in templating libraries Python. Code, documentation, and project blog and trac are available. templating libraries [Open Source, MIT]
  • Airspeed - A templating engine for Python that aims for a high templating libraries level of compatibility with the Velocity library for Java. Code, templating libraries documentation, and a project Trac are available. [Open Source, BSD]
  • Mako - A non-XML, Python-based web templating solution that is the successor python to Myghty. Code, documentation, community links, and project Trac python system are provided. [Open Source, MIT]
  • Cheetah - A Python-powered template engine and code generator. Code, templating libraries code repository, documentation, and a mailing list are templating libraries available. [Open Source, Python license]
  • CherryTemplate - A templating module for Python, previously part of python CherryPy, now a standalone module. A project Trac python is available with wiki, documentation, and code. [Open python Source, BSD]
  • Myghty - A Python-based web templating framework originally based on Perl\\'s HTML::Mason; it has been superseded by Mako. Legacy code and documentation are available. [Open Source, LGPL]
  • Spyce - Python Server Pages - A server-side language that supports efficient Python-based dynamic python HTML generation. templating libraries Code, documentation, and project blog are python available.[Open Source, OSI-Approved]

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