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a small application that allow you to consult the list of emails store in your provider's mailbox and delete them.

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  • REBOL Amazon - A REBOL interface to Amazon’s Web Services
  • Games & tools at TGD-Consulting - Several games and tools based on REBOL/View including "Serve-It!", a scripts full featured, fast HTTP and PROXY-Server.
  • ReViewer - REBOL Image Viewer - REBOL/View script to select and sort images and create slideshows.
  • Cerebrus Email Guardian - A spam filter written with the Rebol/SDK that rebol rebol works as a pop proxy, rebol and also includes web rebol mail rebol interfaces to Hotmail, and Yahoo mail. rebol  Windows only.
  • News Site - A utility for news sites. News-site.cgi is a rebol CGI executable script which converts new mail in rebol a POP e-mail account into news articles.
  • Sintezar.r - Simple modular synthesizer. Can edit 16-bit AIFF audio rebol files. [source]
  • Delete Emails - a small application that allow you to consult the list of emails store in your provider\'s mailbox and delete them.
  • Synapse-EMR - free patient management software - An electronic medical records system that uses the rebol open source languages RDBMS Firebird and REBOL.
  • Re-Box! - REBOL port of Box World, a puzzle-solving game similar to scripts Sokoban.
  • PREBOL - REBOL Language Preprocessor - This tool allows you to combine multiple source or data languages files into a single REBOL output file.
  • Sidereal Conquest - engine for creating 4X turn-based galactic strategy games

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