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This category holds links for books, paper or online, on the programming languages IBM Smalltalk, and IBM VisualAge Smalltalk, and very closely related issues.

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  • Using VisualAge UML Designer - By Markus Muetschard, Byron Munday, Matthias Nieder, Wolfgang Sanyer; IBM ibm visualage Redbooks; 1998, ISBN 0738400483. Covers needs analysis, function analysis, design, ibm visualage code generation; mechanisms for maintenance, reengineering, consistency checking, configuration, v
  • VisualAge for Smalltalk Handbook, Volume 2: Features - By Andi Bitterer, Vincent Dijkstra, Boris Shingarov; IBM books Redbooks; 1997, smalltalk ISBN 0738400769. Focus: VisualAge features such books as AS/400 connection, communications smalltalk and transactions, distributed, reports, books Web connection. [IBM, online]
  • Using VisualAge Smalltalk ObjectExtender - By Markus Muetschard, Marianne Schmid, Bernd Kaponig, David Singleton; IBM smalltalk Redbooks; 1999, ISBN 0738410497. Guide to transaction and persistence framework smalltalk feature of IBM VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise product family. [IBM, online]
  • Application Development with VisualAge for Smalltalk and MQSeries - By Dieter Wackerow; IBM Redbooks; 1997, ISBN 0738400734. smalltalk Helps design, develop programs using MQSeries parts of smalltalk VisualAge for Smalltalk 4.0, can develop client-server smalltalk programs for AIX, OS/2, Windows NT. [IBM, online]
  • IBM Visualage - Lists books for sale on the topic of books IBM Visualage. books Includes descriptions of individual books, reviews books and purchase information.
  • IBM Smalltalk: The Language - By David N. Smith; Addison-Wesley, 1995, ISBN 080530908X. smalltalk Written with IBM, encyclopedic coverage of the language, smalltalk many examples to guide readers through concepts and smalltalk methods of IBM dialect. [Addison-Wesley]
  • VisualAge: Concepts and Features - By Maurice Mathieu; IBM Redbooks; 1994, ISBN 0738400718. Focus: users ibm visualage involved with program development needing information on new tools, directions, ibm visualage and building high function client-server programs. [IBM, online]
  • VisualAge: Building GUIs for Existing Applications - By Carmine Di Grande; IBM Redbooks; 1994, ISBN 0738405876. Describes ibm visualage how to build graphical user interface for extant host programs, ibm visualage use GUI front end for new program functions on workstation, ibm visualage tool access. [IBM, online]
  • VisualAge for Smalltalk Handbook, Volume 1: Fundamentals - By Andi Bitterer, Vincent Dijkstra, Boris Shingarov; IBM smalltalk Redbooks; 1997, ISBN 0738400874. Focus: general programming questions smalltalk on topics such as image maintenance, graphical user smalltalk interfaces, naming conventions, IBM Smalltalk language. [IBM, online]
  • Mastering ENVY/Developer - By Joseph Pelrine, Alan Knight, Adrian Cho; Cambridge University Press; 2001, ISBN 0521666503. Deep exploration of IBM team programming environment for Smalltalk, Java; introduction, advanced topics, detailed examples. [Cambridge University]

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