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  • Hokanson, Eric B. - All Things Geek - Personal site of custom geek projects and the h geek culture in general.
  • Harvey, Charlie - Homepage features writing about free software; image archive; code; newsfeeds; booze-u-lator; and contact details.
  • Hawkes, Ivan - Help for understanding encryption and tips on programming h and a programming few source codes.
  • Hodorog, Bogdan - Personal information, work experiences, fun stuff, links and h some photos.
  • Hidayat, Satriyantono - Software Engineer and Web developer. Live in Jakarta, personal pages Indonesia. programming About, qualifications, works and thoughts, friends.
  • Hirsl, Nemanja - Some open source programs includes: 3D Visualization personal pages of EEG coherence OpenGL GTK+ program; Java applets. personal pages Paperwork. Links.
  • Hossain, Maruf - Personal, career, educational profiles. Activities. Photo gallery.
  • Hammock, Gary - Information about computers, operating systems, security and cryptology, programming mods, programming, and scripting. Includes articles and downloads.
  • Haagens, Daniel - Biographical data, shareware.
  • Hinds, Michael - Web Nerd - Includes guides for Linux, Oracle, OpenACS, Tcl, HTML, JavaScript and personal pages other web based technologies. Also contains some personal stuff, such personal pages as photographs.
  • Holst, Laurens - Blog, articles and information about programming for the MSX computer system, web standards and anime.
  • Howlett, Kenneth - kmhcomp - Computer and programming projects. Writings about government.
  • Hansen, Bart - Blog Page - Facts and thoughts on software development, and personal view on the rest of the world.
  • Hall, Christopher - Programmer of Machine Translation and Voice over IP h applications. About, favorites, education and employment. Some photos.
  • Hawkins, Bradley - Porting GNU applications and libraries to Win32 without personal pages the use of cygwin, UWIN. RPG/Gaming.
  • Habermann, Michael - Small Java and C++ programs with sources.
  • Haughey, Duncan - - Software development management related articles, templates. Software, and book recommendations.
  • Herring, Michael - - Includes downloadable applications, music, wallpapers, and a weblog.
  • Hague, Charles aka Chiruresu - Chazco Enterprises Ltd - Contains various projects including the IRIS HTML editor programming and NetTV programming Internet TV. Also includes articles, blogs programming and reviews.
  • Hasim, M.A. - Hasim`s Abode - Blog about Data warehousing techniques, SQL Server, Oracle, h Unix, SSIS and Informatica.

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