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  • Penkov, Ivan - Resume. Photos.
  • Pan, Jennifer - About author, resume. Some programs written in C++, programming VB, and java with source code. Links.
  • Parsons, Mark - Includes personal information, resume, photos, and programming projects. Located in p Brantford, Ontario, Canada.
  • Paul, John - Spectral Division - Applications and resources for Pascal, C/C++, Visual C++, AI.
  • Pelliccio, Frank - 0xD - Info. ASP, Pascal, SQL articles and sources.
  • Pont, Frederic - Socket programming, Linux on Dell Inspiron, personal information.
  • Phillips, David - - Free software with source for Windows and UNIX. p SDL programming programming page. Resume. Journal. Photos.
  • Paulett, John - Blogs about news, reviews, guides, and tools related to technology. programming Includes a photograph gallery.
  • Provinciali, Gabrieli - CV, technology and programming links and notes. Photos.
  • Pietrek, Matt - And Wheaty Productions Inc. Matt is a columnist personal pages for MSDN magazine, and speaker. Contact information, FAQ, personal pages downloads, articles, author\'s MSDN columns, conferences, other writers, personal pages fun photos.
  • Prohorenko, Alexey - About, resume. Funny pics. Photos.
  • Perkins, Greg - The Perkster's Programmer Palace - Resume, source code, links, and photos.
  • Popa, Mihai - Portfolio in web design, development and implementation as a programmer.
  • Preda, Marcel - Online English-Romanian and Romanian-English dictionaries. Also offers Romanian-English dictionary software personal pages for Windows and Linux.
  • Parry, Saara - The Canadian programmer's portfolio, resume and latest news.
  • Purnomo, Hary - Biodata, online memory game and some VCL components.
  • Prashant, T. R. - DOS (mostly) and Windows utilities.
  • Pusep, Stanislaw - Open-Source and Freeware projects by Stanislaw Pusep. Network, programming security and programming general utilities, Total Commander plugins and programming code libraries.
  • Pathak, Pradeep K. - Family and personal information, resume, photo gallery, papers, p and links.
  • Phaswana, David - About. Photo album. Projects list.
  • Pyykko, Juhani - Game coding, graphics and downloads.
  • Papp, Akos - Personal information including philosophy, dreams, family, hobbies. Education p and experience. p Pictures. Java, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, p security tutorials links.
  • Purohit, Alpesh - Source code on C and C++, data structures, p VB, graphics, Flash, BCA / MCA student.
  • Petrov, Ivo - About, resume, web projects. Photo gallery. Downloads (music and software).

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