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One educator's positive review of Papert's book: '[His] philosophy of learning contrasts sharply with his depiction of schools' epistemology'.

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Professor Seymour Papert:* - Expert on how technology can provide new ways to learn, his contributions go beyond education: mathematician and cofounder with Marvin Minsky of MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, founding faculty member of MIT Media Lab, where he works now. Worked for many

  • Seymour Papert: Sunday Profile - Mathematician and pioneer in artificial intelligence, has radical ideas about how the education system should be overhauled. Text of radio interview, on ABC Local; Australia.
  • Planet Papert - Page of over 2 dozen links to Websites, documents. By pioneers educator Gary S. Stager.
  • MIT Media Lab: Seymour Papert - Papert was a founding faculty member of the Media Lab, pioneers and now works there part-time. The Media Lab site has pioneers been hard to reach lately and is often inaccessible, but pioneers be patient and keep at it: it is well worthwhile.
  • - Companion web site to Papert\\'s new book, The Connected Family: papert, seymour Bridging the Digital Generation Gap, Longstreet Press, 1996; for parents papert, seymour and teachers (and kids) interested in the profound changes in papert, seymour learning brought about by the explosion of computers in t
  • Seymour Papert - Growing biography, with links to many related topics. history [Wikipedia]
  • Squeakfest 2006 Report - Brief summary text of Papert keynote address at this event. Shiftin’ Paradigm Blues weblog.
  • The Children's Machine by Seymour Papert - One educator\\'s positive review of Papert\\'s book: \\'[His] papert, seymour philosophy papert, seymour of learning contrasts sharply with his depiction papert, seymour of schools\' papert, seymour epistemology'.
  • - Place for kids and families to make cartoons, papert, seymour play challenging games, make odd creatures, paint digital papert, seymour pictures, design and send animated cards; discover by papert, seymour doing and create by clicking; all based on papert, seymour constructionist learning theory. Created with Papert's
  • Innovation in Education - Brief highlights text of Papert keynote address at Squeakfest 2006. papert, seymour InnovationCreation weblog.
  • School's Out? A Conversation with Seymour Papert - Interview at The Matrix: MEME 2.13. Treats Papert\\'s history favorite topics: papert, seymour children, computers and the end of history schools as we know papert, seymour them.

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