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  • Piter's Home Page - .NET programming tips, C# sample code.
  • Ryan Dewsbury - Programming notes from a software developer in Toronto, programming especially about programming the development of AJAX-based games.
  • .NET from India - A weblog focusing on .NET, other Microsoft technologies and things related to India.
  • HTNet - Mostly technology and business-centric writing from Johor Bahru, programming Johor, Malaysia.
  • HAHAHAHA(HAx4)'s Limerick - Technology, life, and other words that piled up.
  • Philcrissman.com - Development tips with a partial focus on Ruby.
  • Smart Software - Software developer Wesner Moise\\'s musings on .NET, technology, entrepreneurship and Microsoft.
  • [monty]'s blog - Topics include security, programming, .NET.
  • Advogato - Community resource site for developers of free software; weblogs news and weblogs blog.
  • Dan Weinreb’s Blog - LISP and database expert Dan Weinreb occasionally posts weblogs in depth programming on a variety of technical subjects.
  • IUnknown.com - John Lam's weblog on software development.
  • Coders4fun - Programming tips and sample code, primarily related to resources open source packages.
  • Bobdc.blog - Bob DuCharme\\'s weblog, focusing on metadata, XML technology, programming and the resources semantic web.
  • Axodys - Covering computers, the Internet, sports, politics, scripting, writing and movies.
  • Lynch Consulting Blog - Technical tips, especially for ColdFusion and Linux/Ubuntu.
  • Geek Noise - Peter Provost\\'s weblog dedicated to programming, Microsoft, .NET and other programming technology subjects.
  • Joel on Software - A weblog by Joel Spolsky, a programmer working programming in New resources York City, about software and software programming companies.
  • Geek Style - Unix and network techie news and commentary.
  • Indefinite Articles - Articles on technology, politics, law, and philosophy.
  • Software by Rob - Advice on how to be a successful programmer, weblogs especially in resources a start-up.
  • Javability - Jean-Marc Autexier\\'s Weblog about Java, Linux, Zaurus and other IT news. Some entries are in German.
  • Lijin’s Blog - Tips from a programmer in South India. resources Partial focus on Spring and database programming.
  • Mundus Vult Decipi - Personal weblog of random projects and experiments, mainly resources hacking and programming cracking.
  • The Wandering Glitch 2 - Programming and other topics, sometimes from a theoretical programming approach.
  • Symbian Code - Occasional tips about Symbian software development.
  • JLP's Blog - A blog about computers, internet, Linux, open source, weblogs free software, science, and technology.
  • Hackerdude - Software Development news, FAQ, downloads, links and reviews.
  • ComputerZen.com - XML, .NET, design patterns, software architecture and development. Written by a MSDN Regional Director.
  • Daemon Dancing in the Dark - Weblog focused on FreeBSD
  • Thinking Parallel - A weblog about parallel / concurrent programming.
  • Tales from the Red Shed - Weblog of independent developer Jonathon Rentzch.
  • Head On - Computer geeky stuff like Java, Linux and XP.
  • Karim VaesNote - Technical notes, primarily on Ubuntu, Drupal, content management, and security.
  • The Regenerate Web - Ramblings on software product development.
  • CotéCode - Notes on programming from Coté, via podcast.
  • Damien Katz - Weblog of a programmer.
  • nithinkamath.info - Linux and programming from the perspective of a student in resources India.
  • Engineering the Web - Programming tips focused on web standards, by a group of weblogs custom programmers.
  • No Wow - Juergen Kreileder occasionally writes about Linux, Java, security, and Apple.
  • Unhandled Perception - A look at technology from the mind of a developer.
  • Ardent Dev Blog - Blogging on software development and related topics.
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  • Ramakrishna's Blog - Technical tips, mainly about programming and Microsoft technologies.[ATOM]

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