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Techmeme* - Blog tracking other technology blogs.
TechCrunch* - Group-edited blog about technology start-ups, particularly the Web 2.0 sector.

  • Technology Review Blog - Insights, commentary, and analysis about technology and its news and media computers impact, from the editors of the Technology Review news and media computers magazine.
  • John Lamansky - A weblog by a teenage computer geek offering computers technology-related reviews, news, and tips.
  • Pogue's Posts - Blog by the NYTimes technology columnist.
  • TechProsaic - About web design, internet technology, cool gadgets and news and media games, great software and The Next Big Thing.
  • Conmergence - Technology and internet news with a partial focus computers on health weblogs care applications.
  • Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check - Science and technology linkblog, with a focus on enterprise software.
  • Wired Blogs: Beyond the Beyond - Coverage of an eclectic range of technology topics.
  • Silicon Valley Sleuth - Technology news and analysis, focused on computers.
  • Derek Hatchard Blogs On - Weblog on various aspects of technology.
  • Nerdblog.net - Provides news about hardware, software, notebooks, laptops, PCs, Mac, PDAs in English, Swedish and Norwegian.
  • Ashley Bowers Blog - Opinions on technology, computer platforms, browsers, blogging, and news and media syndication.
  • E-Musings On Web Stuff - Focuses on free software, including Mozilla products, download managers, and computers various Google services.
  • Techbook - Technology news, views, reviews, mobile stuff, Symbian, programming.
  • Sean McGrath's Blog - Blog of Sean McGrath, CTO, Propylon.
  • Hardware 2.0 - ZDNet weblog on a personal computing and related products.
  • TechWhack News - News from the IT world, on everything from weblogs peer-to-peer technologies to search engine news. With an weblogs Asian focus.
  • Technodorm - Diverse collection of posts about technology, blogging, Web 2.0, and other related topics.
  • Lightenment - Reviewing gadgets and electronic toys, including computer peripherals weblogs and media devices.
  • Politics and Law - CNet blog on the intersection of information technology with (primarily news and media US) politics and law.
  • Sadagopan's Weblog - Indian blogger\\'s thoughts on emerging technologies and trends computers in both enterprise IT and the cyberworld.
  • LockerGnome: A Canadian Geek - Marc Erickson writes about technology from a Canadian perspective.
  • Techno Freak - Gadgets, hardware, software, and mobile technology.
  • Slashstar - Blogging about a variety of technical topics.
  • Nex6 - Geeky topics including cryptography and Microsoft.
  • Two Mad Geeks - Frequent tips on PCs, gadgets, open source, and the Internet.
  • Sarah in Tampa - Technology weblog with a little pop culture for spice.
  • Technobiography - Ka Edong writes about technology from the Philippines.
  • Your Tech Weblog - Personal technology from the Pioneer Press in Minnesota.
  • Quick Online Tips - Technology news, blogging tips, useful computer software and computers web services.
  • Unstruc - Daniela Barbosa on technical and business issues in information delivery. Partial focus on automatic tagging and metadata.
  • Kinook Software Blog - Developer Kyle Alons reviews Microsoft and other products.
  • NewTeeVee - Weblog focused on new video (technology and business).
  • Technology Evangelist - Offers news and opinion on emerging technology trends news and media computers in hardware, software, webware, and web marketing.
  • A Byte Of Life - Freelance consultant writes about technology, gaming, and the computers Internet.
  • Post I.T. - Jointly written by Washington Post technology reporters.
  • Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends - This site talks about science, and about computing and technology news and trends. It also tries to discover how these new technologies are modifying our way of life.
  • Tech Shout - Showcases the latest tech news, reviews, and downloads, with coverage news and media of entertainment, gadgets, gaming, hardware, Internet, wireless technology, and mobile news and media phones.
  • AccMan - Technology news and commentary from an accountant's perspective.
  • Multi-Media Me - General technology news weblog.
  • Hack the Planet - Wes Felter\\'s comments about software, hardware, Java, Linux, news and media usability and the Mac. Not about cracking or news and media security. Heavy on links.
  • SmugBlog: Don MacAskill - Insight into the technology SmugMug uses itself, plus general coverage of consumer offerings.
  • Venture Chronicles - Technology commentary by Jeff Nolan.
  • TechBlog - A technology blog with Dwight Silverman and Jim Thompson from news and media the Houston Chronicle.
  • The Tlog - Network administrator Pedro Timóteo writes about news and weblogs tips, especially computers for Wordpress.
  • FlashLadyBug - Reviews of hardware and software, as well as computers historic technology weblogs and hands-on tutorials.
  • JeffWu.net - Weblog about current technology, focusing on the web and Apple news and media products.
  • Action Online - A technology and business weblog that tackles everything weblogs from general science to strictly business, but most weblogs of the time web industry related.
  • Marwan's Science and Technology Blog - Presenting the latest information on gadgets, the Internet news and media computers and scientific research. Focus on Middle Eastern news and media computers technology development.
  • dralnuX - Technology news with a personal computing focus.
  • TechStuff Canada - Weblog about technology for Canadian consumers.
  • Geek Extreme - News, reviews, and other stuff geeks or wanna-be geeks can use.
  • TechLifeBlogged - Weblog about technology used in daily life.
  • On Computers Tips - Tips for a broad range of computing technologies. news and media Affiliated with a radio show.
  • Lynne's Take on Tech - Silicon Valley media and technology commentary by Lynne weblogs Jolitz, writer for Byte and co-creator of 386BSD.
  • Space Ninja - Scott Vandehey, web producer. Posts on a variety of topics computers ranging from web development to video games and movies.
  • The Old New Thing - Weblog on technical nitty-gritty, with a Microsoft focus.
  • Oliver Brown - Personal weblog about technology, programming and Google. Focused on games and online video.
  • Technology Nerd - Weblog about gadgets, media, software, and technology.
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  • Bahlmann.US - Random thoughts about technology, public policy, back office and content.[RSS]
  • Notes From Tomorrow - Adam Caplan examines and discusses the present state of new media by exploring its journey into the future.[ATOM]

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