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Weblog focusing on the theme of "Deconstructing Networks", video game studies, and network culture in general. Authored by Jonah Brucker-Cohen.

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  • Collision Detection - A weblog about politics, technology, and culture. By Clive Thompson.
  • Terra Nova - Collobarative weblog featuring several important scholars in the games field. General focus is MMORPGs and social games aspects of online gaming communities.
  • Popular Culture Gaming - Weblog centering on an ethnographic approach to studying game studies videogames game studies and videogame players. Authored by Bryan-Mitchell game studies Young.
  • Curmudgeon Gamer - Curmudgeoning all games equally. Collaborative weblog authored by Michael Vance, Bob Wieman, Ruffin Bailey, Matt Matthews, and John Harris.
  • Grand Text Auto - Collaborative weblog featuring several leading scholars in Game weblogs Studies and weblogs New Media.
  • Buzzcut - A collaborative weblog on the theory and criticism game studies of games electronic entertainment and video games, led by game studies David Thomas.
  • Clickable Culture - Blog from Tony Walsh covering the culture and weblogs study of games.
  • Blobs in Games - Chronicle of game developer Amit Patel.
  • Writer Response Theory - A blogging collective dedicated to the discussion and games exploration of games digital character art, authored by Jeremy games Douglass, Mark Marino, and games Christy Dena.
  • intelligent artifice - A weblog on interactive entertainment: design, production, industry game studies and related topics, authored by Jurie Horneman.
  • Game Girl Advance - Ezine/ weblog about the politics and culture of games gaming.
  • Coin Operated - Weblog focusing on the theme of "Deconstructing Networks", games video game weblogs studies, and network culture in general. games Authored by Jonah weblogs Brucker-Cohen.
  • Game Eaters - Collaborative weblog covering video games from an academic angle.
  • Ding! Gratz! - News, links, and commentary on the game industry. weblogs From an weblogs informed perspective.
  • Game/Ai - Collaborative weblog focusing on artificial intelligence in game weblogs technology.
  • Water Cooler Games - Weblog site authored by Ian Bogost and Gonzalo weblogs Frasca. Covers games persuasive games, newsgaming, advergaming, and related weblogs rhetorical forms.
  • Ludology.org - Videogame Theory - Weblog and resource for academic videogame research. Includes weblogs articles, links, game studies conferences, news

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