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Offers news and research information on the development and social impact of computer games, and the Games Research mailing list.

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  • Dungeon & Dreamers - Website for book of the same name. Includes sample games chapter and individual pages for authors Brad King and John games Borland.
  • Learning Games Initiative - Examine computer games (arcade, console, PC, and handheld) game studies in game studies order to better understand their cultural and game studies pedagogical import. game studies Based in Tucson, AZ.
  • The Canadian Video Game and Computer Industry - Offers information and analysis about the video and computer game industry in Canada. Produced by a group of researchers in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario.
  • Games For Health - Sponsored by the Serious Games Initiative. Develops a community and best practices platform for the numerous games being built for health care applications.
  • Video Game Culture: Leisure and Play Preferences of BC Teens - Study examines the significance of children\\'s video game play by games surveying British Columiba teenagers\\' attitudes, interests, motives and behaviors toward games gaming.
  • Habitat Chronicles - Weblog and development historical information from Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer, designers of Habitat, 1985.
  • Global Timoto - One man, on a motorcycle, around the world, in mission to explore and record diverse people and the games they play.
  • Game Game - Ludology meets Understanding Comics. A card game game studies about games game studies by Aki J√§rvinen.
  • Game Research - Offers news and research information on the development and social game studies impact of computer games, and the Games Research mailing list.
  • Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games - Virtual exhibits from the University of Waterloo, Ottawa, games Canada. games Dedicated to research and the collection, games preservation, and exhibition of games games and game-related objects.
  • Richard A. Bartle: MUD Writings Archive - A collection of fulltext research articles on MUDs by different researchers.
  • Serious Games Initiative - Focuses on using games in exploring management and leadership challenges facing the public sector. Sponsors annual Serious Games Summit.
  • DFC Intelligence: Game Industry Research - Providing strategic market research and statistics on the video game, game studies interactive entertainment and interactive broadcasting industries.
  • Interactive Fiction - Annotated bibliography and several scholarly articles about interactive fiction, by game studies Dennis G. Jerz.
  • Satellite Uplink - A collection of insights that put video games game studies inside a broader cultural and aesthetic framework. E-book game studies available for download.
  • Yee, Nicholas - The Norrathian Scrolls: A Study of EverQuest - Findings of a major study of EverQuest players including data on and discussions of demographics, statistics, psychology, charts, addiction, gender differences, gender bending, relationships, romance and guilds.
  • Game Liberation - A game about game theory by Jesper Juul.
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