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University of Bergen. Editor in chief of and the originator of cybertext theory. The first chapter of his book, Cybertext, is available, as are a few other early articles.

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  • Hook, Brian - News, reviews, articles and a forum related to personal pages game games design and development.
  • Costikyan, Greg - Game designer, consultant and author. Weblog, publications and other resources.
  • Taylor, Laurie - Professional and academic articles, presentations, and links to other resources.
  • Klastrup, Lisbeth - Researching the construction of story in virtual worlds. games Background in hypertext theory. Weblog and publications.
  • Rau, Anja - Germany. Weblog, articles, conference calls. Research on computer games and hypertext.
  • Adams, Ernest W. - Game designer and theorist. Archive of columns published games in Gamasutra, games other articles, list of print publications, games pages describing game philosophy.
  • Manninen, Tony - Researching networked multi-user virtual worlds, and especially the high-intensity personal pages interaction between humans originating from the world of 3D games.
  • Mortensen, Torill - Volda University College. Weblog. Research on MUDs.
  • Dibbell, Julian - Personal site contains articles and writing samples including game studies research personal pages on MMORPG economies and "A Rape in game studies Cyberspace."
  • Barr, Brandon. - Texturl is the weblog of Brandon Barr, an advertising copywriter game studies interested in the intersections between electronic media, advertising and poetry.
  • Myers, David - Recent work attempts to unify existing theories of personal pages play game studies within a semiotic framework.
  • Kirksæther, Jørgen - Brief presentation of his doctoral thesis on videogame personal pages history personal pages and a few links.
  • Mactavish, Andrew - Focuses on the performative and participatory elements of personal pages computer game play. Also researches hypertext theory and personal pages interactive, streaming video.
  • Flanagan, Mary - Hunter College, NY. Digital media artist, research among other things game studies on games.
  • Klevjer, Rune - Phd scholar at the University of Bergen, Norway. personal pages Abstract game studies of his doctoral project: Play and Mediation personal pages in Computer game studies Games, links to papers.
  • Juul, Jesper - IT University of Copenhagen. Articles, reviews, thesis, games.
  • Frasca, Gonzalo - Independent. Weblog, articles, games. Research on political games, simulations, ludology.
  • Dekoven, Bernie - Articles, links, and weblog chronicling personal search for games and games toys, ideas and innovations, people and events that enhance our games capacity for having fun.
  • Walker, Jill - Weblog. Links to publications and other resources.
  • Parker, J. R. - Offers links to game technology and articles on personal pages research games and courses.
  • Konzack, Lars - Aalborg University. Research on computer games and ludology. Weblog and games articles.
  • Hunicke, Robin - Northwestern University. Personal weblog, CV, and links personal pages to personal pages research and projects on player experience in personal pages computer games.
  • Boullón Sabín, Alfonso - PhD Student, University of Seville. Research on the evolution of personal pages video games from a formal/audiovisual point of view. Portfolio and personal pages CV.
  • Yee, Nicholas - Research is both quantative and qualitative, and is game studies particularly game studies centred on players of EverQuest and other game studies Massive Multi-Player game studies Online Games.
  • Kennerly , David - Professional and academic articles, presentation, and interviews game design philosophy, games MMORPG design, and game education.
  • Tosca, Susana - IT University of Copenhagen. Articles, activities, teaching.
  • Hourigan, Ben - University of Melbourne. PhD candidate studying the political personal pages content of role-playing videogames.
  • Zimmerman, Eric - Game designer, artist, and academic at NYU exploring the theory and practice of game design. Essays, links, teaching.
  • Nowviskie, Bethany - University of Virginia. Dissertation deals with games and personal pages generative game studies art in the context of conflicting design personal pages philosophies: hermeneutic game studies and algorithmic. CV, descriptions of dissertation personal pages and projects, list game studies of publications.
  • Montfort, Nick - Theorist and author/developer specialising in interactive fiction, often games in the crossover between game and literature. Games, games fiction, publications and links.
  • Smith, Jonas Heide - PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen. games Personal weblog games and CV.
  • Burke, Timothy - Personal weblog of Terra Nova contributor. Includes game studies links and other resources.
  • Bartle, Richard - (Ln(x))3. The everyday weblog of MUD Scholar games Richard Bartle.
  • Järvinen, Aki - Game Researcher and Designer. Personal weblog, design diary, and research personal pages in progress.
  • Poremba, Cindy - Weblog, articles and projects centered around multiplayer games, personal pages women games and technology, emergence in communities and games personal pages and serial games and reconfigurable narrative.
  • Dormans, Joris - Website of Dutch independent game scholar Joris Dormans. personal pages His personal pages articles on games and related subjects can personal pages be found personal pages here.
  • Eladhari, Mirjam - Gotland University in Sweden and University of Teesside in England. Personal weblog and notes for Ph.D. work on MMORPGs.
  • Pearce, Celia - Interactive media designer who has also written on games. Papers personal pages and descriptions of projects are available.
  • Funk, Jeanne B - University of Toledo. Research on the impact of game studies violence game studies in computer and video games on children. game studies List of game studies publications.
  • Aarseth, Espen - University of Bergen. Editor in chief of personal pages and the originator of cybertext theory. The first personal pages chapter of his book, Cybertext, is available, as personal pages are a few other early articles.

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