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Includes introductory articles, papers on history, methodology, and philosophy, abstracts from scientific magazines, bibliographies, some materials on "the emerging (consulting) business of economic design" and many links. Provided by Al Roth at

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  • Game Theory and Business Strategy: Bayes Rule Applet - Two applets which demonstrate Bayes Rule. The first game theory applet evaluates the chance of having a disease game theory given that one is tested positive. The second game theory presents similar principles in a labor management context.
  • Theory of Honest Signalling - An on-line tutorial on signalling theory and the economics handicap principle, social sciences as it is used in biology, economics economics, anthropology, and other social sciences disciplines.
  • Economic and Game Theory Page - Explores how interaction among intelligent, goal-seeking individuals determines social sciences social economics outcomes using the tools of modern economic social sciences theory. Provided economics by Dan Levine.
  • Game Theory: An Introductory Sketch - by Roger McCain at Drexel University.
  • Edirc: Economic and Game Theory - Index of economics institutions on the Internet.
  • Game Theory and The Law - Review of book that applies the tools of economics game theory and information economics to advance our economics understanding of how laws work.
  • Game Theory Society - Contains information on members, meetings, and publications.
  • Game Theory .net - Game theory resources including lectures, text books, and economics online games. game theory Includes sections on game theory in economics movies and interactive simulations game theory of game-theoretic concepts. Provided economics by Mike Shor at Vanderbilt University.
  • Political Sim - Free open-source software for voting and election games game theory and social sciences simulations, or lectures and research.
  • Didactic Game Theory - Provides the teacher of a basic course in social sciences Game game theory Theory with free user-friendly didactic tools for social sciences conducting web-based game theory thought experiments. Provides customizable exercises and social sciences subject response statistics. game theory Constructed by Ariel Rubinstein and social sciences Eli Zvuluny.
  • Marcelo Clerici-Arias Links on Game Theory - Various links to game theory collected by Marcelo Clerici-Arias at game theory Stanford University.
  • Slide Show on Game Theory - Graphical slide show explaining the basics of game theory.
  • Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE) - Provides information and resources pertaining to the computational game theory study social sciences of economies modelled as evolving systems of game theory autonomous interacting social sciences agents. Provided by Leigh Tesfatsion.
  • European Voting Games - Resources for the applications of game theory to the European economics Eunion's decision-making processes.
  • Game Theory and Experimental Economics Page - Includes introductory articles, papers on history, methodology, and social sciences philosophy, game theory abstracts from scientific magazines, bibliographies, some materials social sciences on "the game theory emerging (consulting) business of economic design" social sciences and many links. game theory Provided by Al Roth at
  • Game Theory in Movies & on Television - Provides a description of game theory themes in game theory popular social sciences movies and television shows.
  • Gambit software - Provides software library in C++ for performing various operations on economics n-person games in either extensive or normal form.
  • Uncertainty, Information and Games - Online information by the History of Economic Thought social sciences page.
  • The Grand Coalition Web Site - Provides information and resources about research in cooperative and noncooperative economics game theory with an emphasis on coalition formation.
  • Prisoner's Dilemma Applet - Interactive repeated prisoner\\'s dilemma. Part of Mike Shor\\'s economics lecture notes social sciences for a course in Game Theory. economics Play against different "personalities."
  • Definition of Game Theory - Offers a brief definition of and introduction to social sciences the field. By Aner Sela and Jan Vleugels.

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