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Weblogs that focus on enterprise information technology or its use, and that don't fit into the "Weblog Groups" or "Specific Companies" subcategories. English-language only.

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See Also:
  • Mark's Blog - IT trends, by EMC's chief development officer.
  • Storage Thoughts - Analytic weblog about computer storage technology.
  • Blade Watch - Weblog about blade computing.
  • Andy on Enterprise Software - Andy Hayler of Kalido on data warehousing, business intelligence, and information technology related subjects.
  • Paul Murphy - Detailed analysis of a variety of IT issues. From ZDNet.
  • DBMS2: Database Management System Services - Weblog about database management, analytics, and related technologies. information technology Partially focused on small vendors, especially in information technology data warehouse appliances.
  • Mark Logic CEO Blog - By software industry veteran Dave Kellogg, CEO of information technology Mark Logic, makers of an XML database manager/search information technology engine used for custom publishing.
  • DrunkenData.com - Storage and other technology subjects.
  • Hu Yoshida's Blog - Written by the chief technology officer of Hitachi Data Systems.
  • Inside System Storage - IBM weblog on computer storage, by Tony Pearson.
  • Steve's IT Rants - Weblog on information technology, with a focus on storage.
  • Chuck's Blog - EMC insider Chuck Hollis talks about information, technology, weblogs and customer challenges.
  • The FASTForward Blog - Sponsored by search vendor FAST, about search and information technology Enterprise information technology 2.0
  • Mark Rittman - Focused on Oracle business intelligence, databases, and data warehousing.
  • Phil Windley's Technometria - IT with a partial focus on interoperability and weblogs identity.
  • Dave's Blog - Blog by an executive of storage manufacturer Network Appliance.
  • StorageMojo - Weblog on storage and other technology subjects.
  • Enterprise Decision Management Blog - Fair Isaac Corporation discusses rules-based technology.
  • The Remarketer - Corporate weblog on the IT hardware industry from information technology the information technology perspective of a remarketed server reseller.
  • PCM.Blog - Discusses portals and content management, as well as weblogs trends and open source.
  • The Enterprise System Spectator - Commentary regarding news, issues, and trends in enterprise-wide systems.
  • Between the Lines - Flagship ZDNet weblog, covering a broad range of technology news.
  • James Taylor's Decision Management - James Taylor advocates the use of business rules weblogs technology.
  • SAP Network - Aggregates SAP Developer Network blogs.
  • Planet VMware - VMware integrated company weblog.
  • Singapore Enterprise 2.0 - Focused on knowledge management and Enterprise 2.0 technology and applications weblogs in Asia.

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