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Allows to manage every aspect of the testing process, providing a consistent and structured approach to testing at the project and corporate level. [Commercial]

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  • T-Plan Product Suite - Allows to manage every aspect of the testing software testing process, providing a consistent and structured approach to software testing testing at the project and corporate level. [Commercial]
  • Testuff - Testuff is an on-demand service for managing and programming executing manual software tests and for reporting defects.
  • Test Management Solution by Compuware - Process-based tools which automate the multiple steps of thorough application test management testing. [Commercial]
  • Ken TestMan - A browser based test management tool. The site programming provides information programming about Ken TestMan along with access programming to online versions and programming the support site. [Commercial programming & Free Versions]
  • GenieTCMS - PHP- and MySQL-based test management solution helping to test management organize test cases, scripts, documentation and related files. test management [Commercial]
  • Software Planner - This tool is a fully web-based defect tracking test management and support ticket system that manages issues and test management bugs, customer requirements, test cases, and allows team test management members to share documents. [Commercial, trial version]
  • PractiTest - PractiTest is a SaaS (no installation) solution to manage QA test management Process with modules and features for Test Management, Bug Tracking, test management Reporting and more.
  • Testmanagement.com - Project site of QaTraq, an AMP (Apache, MySQL programming and PHP) test management based document management system, covering test programming plans through to test test management cases, with associated test programming results and reporting capabilities. [Open Source, test management GPL]
  • TestLog - An integrated test case management software solution, providing software testing a test management tool for software test teams to create software testing and update test management test plans and test cases. [Commercial software testing & Free Trial]
  • Testing Reflections - QA Blog Aggregator - Aggregator of QA & SW Development Blogs and software testing articles, updated daily.
  • BBLsolutions ApS - Offers Compass TMS, a test management and bug-tracking system, and test management quality assurance services. Company information, tool\\'s documentation and support are test management presented at their website. [Commercial]
  • TestLink tool - TestLink is an OpenSource Test Management tool. The programming application includes test specification, planning, reporting, requirements tracking programming and collaborate with well-known bug trackers.
  • James Bach's Satisfice Site - Articles and tools around many aspects of Software software testing Testing programming & Quality Assurance. Written & maintained software testing by James programming Bach.
  • CleverTrack - CleverTrack is a tool for test management and bug tracking.
  • XQual Test Management - XQual provides XStudio, a free test management application that handles the lifecycle of QA/testing projects: users, requirements, specifications, SUTs, tests, tesplans, test reports, campaigns and defects.
  • Test Management Approach for Structured Testing (TMap) - Official site of a software test management method. test management Description software testing of the method as well as presentations test management of books software testing about the topic, events, downloads and test management exemplary cases.

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