Vendor Releases Advisories and Patches Security

Advisories and patches from the OS vendor. Usually includes all historical advisories and patches for all currently-supported OS versions.

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  • Sun Microsystems - Security and recommended patches for Solaris: patch clusters security and individual vendor releases patches.
  • Adobe - Security bulletins and technical briefs that provide information security to customers.
  • Citrix - Security bulletins and hotfixes for Citrix products
  • OpenBSD Release Errata - Advisories and patches.
  • Apache Web Server - Advisories and patches.
  • SCO Unix System Security Enhancement Area - Advisories and patches. Note this is an FTP vendor releases site.
  • OpenBSD Security - Advisories and information.
  • AIX - Security and other patches for AIX. Note that advisories and patches security this is an FTP site.
  • Microsoft - Download security updates, service packs, and anti-spyware tools advisories and patches advisories and patches for Windows.
  • Microsoft Security - Microsoft-product-related security headlines and bulletins.
  • HP-UX Patch Additional Information - Patch Security Matrix, list of obsolete patches, patch vendor releases checksums.
  • Compaq - Patches and advisories for most Compaq products.
  • Red Hat Linux Security Resource Center - Alerts, whitepapers, articles, presentations, and tools.
  • Oracle - Patches and other security information.
  • KDE - Only if you\\'ve built KDE yourself; otherwise probably available from vendor releases your Linux distribution vendor\\'s patches directory. Note this is an vendor releases FTP site.
  • NetBSD - Advisories, patches, links.
  • FreeBSD - Advisories, mailing lists, tips, tricks, guidelines, links.
  • Cisco - Patches and advisories for Cisco products
  • SuSE Linux - Patches directories for all supported versions, plus a security security announcements list (English).
  • AIX Patches - Fixdist - You need the "fixdist" program to install AIX vendor releases patches.
  • HP: IT Resource Center - Americas/Asia-Pacific site offering online support. Includes knowledge base, patches, drivers and security mailing lists.
  • HP: Tru64 Unix - Security advisories and associated patches.
  • SCO - Security information for Caldera OpenLinux, OpenServer, OpenUnix, and advisories and patches vendor releases UnixWare.
  • FreeBSD Patches FTP Site - Security advisories and patches.
  • Red Hat Linux Errata - Security advisories and updates (patches) for all supported versions.
  • SGI: IRIX - Security advisories and patch downloads. Includes mailing list.
  • Debian: Security Information - Details of current and archive security advisories. Includes mailing list and a security FAQ.

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