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ICSA an independent organization offering objective views and opinions on computer security issues. Improve computer security through knowledge sharing, information dissemination, and security products certification.

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BHSUG Newsletter* - Bimonthly electronic publication. (Connecticut's Biometric Imaging Project)

  • ICSA Information Security Magazine - ICSA an independent organization offering objective views and biometrics opinions biometrics on computer security issues. Improve computer biometrics security through knowledge biometrics sharing, information dissemination, and biometrics security products certification.
  • Biometric Technology Today - Monthly newsletter covering the international biometrics industry. Contains security news analysis, security case studies, commentary and regular surveys.
  • IDNewswire - Bi-weekly, four-page electronic newsletter focused on developments and trends in security personal identification and biometric technologies.
  • Biometric Digest - Online newsletter detailing current news and trends in security the field publications of biometric identification technology.
  • Bio1 Online Biometrics Publication - Articles and research on iris, finger, retina, voice, signature, hand geometry, and face biometrics (issues include identification, verification, pki, privacy, public perception, security, and encryption).
  • SC Info Security News Magazine (USA) - mix of Product Reviews, Solutions and Articles supported biometrics by news biometrics and commentary concerning computer security issues.
  • Biometrics - A Journal of the International Biometric Society.
  • Avanti - The International Journal for Biometrics

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