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A gentle introduction to the complex topic of network security. Geared especially toward those new to security, including end users and management.

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  • Information Systems Security Journal - Monthly print magazine for information security managers and magazines and e-zines others responsible for the daily, efficient operation of magazines and e-zines security policies, procedures, standards, and practices.
  • SC Magazine - Online - Online counterpart to Secure Computing monthly magazine. Provides product reviews, security solutions and articles for the systems security professional.
  • CSOinformer - Monthly newsletter targeted at people who need a strategic, multi-year view of the information security industry.
  • The ISO 17799 Security Standard - Publication of ISO 17799 provided a milestone in magazines and e-zines the evolution of information security. This site provides magazines and e-zines background, information and resources on this important standard.
  • The Orange Book Site - Includes a summary of the DoD\\'s "Trusted Computer security System Evaluation news and media Criteria" (Orange Book) - if you\\'ve security ever wondered what a news and media C2 security rating is, security this is the place to find news and media out.
  • Infosecurity Today Magazine - Focuses on the practical experiences of IT security professionals, provides news and media analysis of current tends, and independent reporting.
  • ACM Crossroads Security feature articles - ACM Crossroads is the student magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery. Crossroads has published several articles about computer security, as listed in this index.
  • CSO (Chief Security Officer) Magazine - Provides information security executives with high-level information, best practices and strategic insight.
  • Network Security Library - Windows, Unix, netware, WWW, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, security policy, magazines and e-zines books, papers, and articles.
  • Lenny Zeltser - Article examining the evolution of malicious agents by analyzing features magazines and e-zines and limitations of popular viruses, worms, and trojans, detailing the magazines and e-zines possibility of a new breed of malicious agents currently being magazines and e-zines developed on the Internet.
  • NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse - The Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse (CSRC) is designed security to collect security and disseminate computer security information and security resources to help users, security systems administrators, managers, and security security professionals better protect their data security and systems.
  • Cipher - the Electronic Newsletter of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee security on Security and Privacy.
  • Computers at Risk: Safe Computing in the Information Age - Complete text of the book by the System Security Study news and media Committee, National Research Council, U.S., that presents an agenda news and media for developing nationwide policies and practices for computer security.
  • ACM Crossroads Student Magazine - Column: Security for Wide-Area Internet Routing. Nick Feamster.
  • Introduction to Network Security - A gentle introduction to the complex topic of network security. magazines and e-zines Geared especially toward those new to security, including end magazines and e-zines users and management.
  • Selected Papers in Anonymity - A compilation of bibliographic references and links to security influential papers relating to anonymity. Sorted by topic, security date, and author.
  • Information Security Statistics - Provides a central repository for computer crime and security Internet security statistics, reports, trends, and news. security Also has numerous security awareness tools, including an security online industry best practice password strength meter.
  • CERT Coordination Center Vulnerability Database - Vulnerability Notes published by the CERT Coordination Center.
  • Crypto-Gram - Monthly e-mail newsletter written by Bruce Schneier. Back news and media issues available on site.

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