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Security Focus* - News and editorials on security related topics, along with a database of security knowledge.

  • 1ster's Security Update - Latest Internet Security News. Updated hourly. With e-mail security notification service.
  • eSecure Live - Resource for Internet Security Professionals. Includes news articles, live web security casts, panel discussions and white papers.
  • Xatrix Security - Security news portal with articles, a search engine and books.
  • CERT Coordination Center - Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team.
  • - Security news, whitepapers and articles.
  • Infoworld: Security TechIndex - Index of security-related articles and product reviews recently security published in news and media Infoworld.
  • O'Reilly Computer Security & Privacy - List of books available in this subject area.
  • - News and resources for securing the Mac OS X platform.
  • Enterprise Security Today - Computer security news for the I.T. Professional.
  • NewsNow - 24-hour newsfeed aggregating breaking security and encryption headlines from many security other websites such as CNET, Wired, Linux Today, and Slashdot. security Updated every five minutes.
  • LockDown - Home Computer Security Centre - Security information and free advice for home computer security computer users about choosing passwords, encryption, steganography and security securing your PC.
  • SecureLab - Computer and network security software, information, and news.
  • - Weblog and forum for the discussion of newly news and media published vulnerabilities and software security practices.
  • Fromadia - News site with forums and how-to articles on security all aspects security of computer security.
  • TechNewsWorld: Security News - News articles on computer and internet security.
  • Light Blue Touchpaper - Security research weblog, from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
  • Security Tracker - Information on the latest security vulnerabilities, free SecurityTracker security Alerts, and customized vulnerability notification services.
  • Hagai Bar-El - Information Security Consulting - Links to recent information security news articles from a variety of sources.
  • SecurityProNews - Advice on how to identify the best type computers of intrusion news and media detection system for a particular environment, computers develop organizational guidelines for news and media passwords, set general computer computers security policies, and perform a security news and media review and computers risk assessment.
  • Security Geeks - Identity and information security news summaries with discussion computers and links to external sources.
  • DerKeiler Security-News - The latest security news from Cert, Bugtraq, Securiteam news and media and Vulnwatch, updated in Real-Time.
  • Help Net Security - Help Net Security is a security portal offering various information on security issues - news, vulnerabilities, press releases, software, viruses and a popular weekly newsletter.
  • Investigative Research into Infrastructure Assurance Group - News digests arranged by subject with links to security full articles. news and media Subjects include cybercrime, regulation, consumer issues security and technology.
  • eWeek - Security - Security news, alerts, product review and resources for computers enterprise and end users.
  • Toolbox for IT: Security Community - Offers forums for discussion, an integrated directory, daily news, and other services geared towards security professionals and users of security products.
  • Computer Security Now - Computer security news and information now for the computers less security computers oriented members of the community.
  • Thoughts on Security - Weblog on computer and online security.
  • - Information about the latest security threats. Personalized e-mail news and media computers warnings require membership.
  • Computer Security News - Topix - News on computer security continually updated from thousands news and media of sources around the net.
  • Computerworld Security Knowledge Center - Computerworld\\'s security center with latest security news, features, security analyses, forums, news and media and research links.
  • Linux Security - Community weblog covering security issues and projects related to securing news and media Linux.
  • PacketDefense Information Security - Info/Computer Security News, Advisories, downloads, papers related to various info security topics. Coverage includes VPNs, firewalls, crypto, viruses, privacy.
  • CR80 News - News on biometrics, RFID, smartcards and other identification news and media security systems. Weekly digests available via email.
  • - Search engine/portal for IT professionals focused on Security. news and media security Includes search capabilities; links to relevant content; editorial news and media security insight, summaries; daily industry news, weekly technology tips news and media security delivered via email.
  • Security Fix - The Washington Post\\'s Brian Krebs writes about a computers wide range news and media of computer security topics.
  • IT World: Security - Security news, newsletters, white papers, and webcasts selected security by expert guides for enterprise IT professionals.
  • - Computer security resources including free security planning templates security and whitepapers.
  • SecuriTeam - Group dedicated to bringing you the latest news security and utilities in computer security. Latest exploits security with a focus on both Windows and Unix.
  • - News aggregator focused on information security in the news and media banking industry, and covering the Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley news and media regulatory requirements.
  • - A security portal offering computer security information for computers governments and computers corporations.
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