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Security consultants generally give advice regarding security, crime prevention, and loss prevention. True security consultants are independent and non-product affiliated.Before making a submission in this category, consider whether the site proposed is more involved in the design, development or sales of products than the provision of consulting services. If the former, the submission is likely to be rejected or redirected to another category that might not be your category of choice. If you are submitting a URL to this directory, please keep in mind that all submissions must be reviewed by volunteer editors of the Open Directory Project (ODP). Thus, multiple submissions of the same site to inappropriate categories will not improve your chances for being listed in this directory and may result in your site being blacklisted from ODP. This may also happen if you submit your site to a number of directories which use ODP data, but forward new submissions to ODP. Please take a moment to review the ODP Editorial Guidelines, and carefully choose the ODP categories to which you submit your site.

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